Internet Radio stops playing constantly

Hi Everyone,

I have this problem ALL the time. I know I have a very fast, and moderately unreliable connection. That is, I have great download speeds, but no matter what internet radio station I pick, 40 minutes is a long time for Roon to play continuously.

Like I said, I know for a fact that my internet just stops for a few seconds an hour, or so. That’s just normal and to be expected in this neck of the woods. I’d love it if I didn’t have to manually reset things.

Hey @Erik_Squires,

It’s been quite some time since you first posted this topic. We’re very sorry we didn’t get a chance to reply until today :pensive:

Would you be able to use this article as a guide to share details about the issue and your setup if this is still a problem? That will give us a good starting point in troubleshooting :nerd_face: