Internet Radio Stops Playing

@support I have built out a “local” Internet Radio station using a DietPi and Icecast/Darkice. I feed that Google Play Music, and it works fine. Roon can see and stream the station no problem, except that it will decide to stop playing every 15-20 minutes or so (total guess). It ALWAYS happens, at least a few times an hour. In other words, it NEVER keeps playing for an extended amount of time. When it happens I check Roon, and it is still on the station, but, as expected, stopped. All I need to do at that point is hit Play and it starts playing again. I never see any error, but I am not looking at Roon when it happens. Although I have not timed it, it almost seems like there is a timeout in Roon that stops streaming Internet Radio every x minutes. Let me know what I need to provide you help figure this one out. Thanks!

Hum, I wonder if the Darkice server stops streaming for a bit, and Roon detects that. More troublshooting required on my side for sure…

Icecast has some settings for stream timeouts, I increased them, and initial testing shows that this seems to have fixed the problem.

Hi @Kenneth_Price ---- Thank you for the report and sharing the observation you’ve made during your troubleshooting. My apologies for the slow response here.

If this behavior continues to persist after these recent adjustments, drop me a flag ("@eric") and I will gladly lend a hand.


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