Internet Radio - Unable to change streams from iPhone

Seems that when trying to change from one Internet Radio Station to another on my iPhone its not changing, Main Roon Remote on OSX s OK, and change there is reflected on the iPhone.

All on V154 - Server is Win10

I have similar with my iPad. Re-sorting the stations seems to fix.

@Paul_Chatfield ----- Thank you for the report and sorry for the inconvenience here. In order to accurately troubleshoot this issue, I need to gather some information from you first.

Can you please describe in detail, as seen here, your current setup. The more detailed you are, the better. Thanks!


@Simon_Higgs ---- Thank you for chiming and providing feedback on this issue :slight_smile: If I may ask you to provide the same information.

Please describe you current setup, in detail, so we have a better idea of what you are working with. Thanks!


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Another user was having a similar problem with an Antipodes server, but I also had a similar issue with my iPad as Remote with Roon core running on a Synology DS1515+. That was about a month or so back, so should have been build 147. I have not noticed this problem lately, but am also using the internet radio functionality less in favor of the Roon Radio feature.

Im not sure I can give much more info or if I can recreate it - it was an issue at the time - just flagging it if anyone else has had similar.

All devices are latest iOS/OS updated… W10-pro is running roon server V154 on GB LAN, iPh is a 6s+ 9.3.4 remote V154 wifi-AC

only 4 internet radio stations configured

Not sure if I should raise a new thread, but am having the same problem - not able to change radio stations from my iPhone (can change with laptop, but not via any of my iPhones or iPads).

Was there a solution to this issue (I’m currently running build 208)