iOS App crashing when searching for a specific artist [Ticket Open]



  • Roon core running on 2015 MacBook Pro Retina, 8GB RAM (OSX 10.13.3) on wifi
  • Music files on a Synology NAS (DSM 6.1.5) attached to the router via LAN
  • Unifi AP Pro Access Point
  • Tidal Hifi integration
  • roon remote app on an iPhone SE (iOS 11.2.6) (Roon 1.4.00306)

Every software is up to date

The iPhone app was running fine until I was searching for ‘Nas’. After two seconds the app crashed and every attempt to open it wasn’t successful. I see the search for ‘Nas’ is still active when opening the app and it crashes again right after that before I’m able to delete the search. The only solution is to delete and re-download the whole app and log in again.

Hi @Chris_Steinhauser ---- Thank you for the report and sharing this observation you have made with us the insight is very appreciated!

Moving forwarded, I just had our tech team try and reproduce this behavior on an iPad and iPhone and searching for “Nas” did not cause either device to crash. In light of this may I very kindly ask you to please provide the following:

  • You mention that the “only solution” is to delete/re-install the application and then log back in. Just to make sure you and I are on the same page here, this process is being performed on the iPad or the MacBook Pro hosting your Roon core? The reason for my asking is because I would expect you to have to log back in only when a new Roon DB is in place on the core machine, if there are no adjustments being made to the core machine’s Roon DB then the remote should be able to just connect. Please verify.

  • I would like to enable diagnostics on your account so our team can have a closer look into this behavior you are experiencing. However, before I go ahead and do this may I very kindly ask you to reproduce the issue and note the time when it occurs. Once I have the requested time frame I will enable this feature on your account.


@support @eric I have had the exact same issue, but searched for ‘furtwangler’ on the iPhone; If you close the app on the iPhone and reopen, the app will crash again. The only solution is to uninstall roon on the iPhone and reinstall. The problem happens each and every time, and perfectly repeatable.

Server: Roon 1.4 build 306 in iMAC high Sierra 10.13.3
iOS: 1.4.00306, iPhone iOS 11.2.6
Direct attached to drobo 5d

Here is a link to a video showing the issue:

After crash (03-25-2018 7-37-11 pm.):

The leading up to crash (ScreenRecording_03-25-2018 7-47-39 pm):


Do please let me know when you have viewed these files, so I may remove them.

Hi @Afullmark ---- Thank you for chiming in and sharing your feedback with, very appreciated.

As with the previous report, I had one of our tech team members see if they can reproduce this behavior by using the information in your post/provided videos (thank you for those BTW :+1:), unfortunately they could not. However, I am curious, was the mentioned content apart of your locally stored music collection or TIDAL? I am assuming this is part of you local music collection, but please confirm.


NOTE: The logs have been downloaded for review and the video links can be removed.

@eric I don’t have Tidal; this is locally stored music (direct attached to a drobo 5D). Seaching for ‘furtwangler’ and then clicking ‘wilhelm furtwangler’ (as you see in the video: crashes the iOS app, the same search done on the iMac is fine.

I do hope that the route cause of this can be found as it is a bit sad to have to exclude certain artists from listening because Roon doesn’t seem to like them.

Hi @Eric

My core is running on my MacBook Pro Retina without a crash. The problem occurs on the iOS iPhone remote app. After it crashes it crashes again every time I open it until I delete and re-install the iOS app on my iPhone. I’ll attach a screen recording of the problem.

I do have Nas albums locally on my Mac/NAS and on Tidal. My Tidal account is Hifi.

And for the time, I just recreated the problem at 21:49 Berlin time on March 26th as you can see in the video.

@Chris_Steinhauser and @Afullmark thank you both for touching base with me , the follow up is appreciated!

Chris, now that I have a sense of when the error occurred I am going to be enabling the mentioned diagnostics on your account. What this action will do is the next time Roon is active on your core machine a diagnostics report containing a set of Roon logs will automatically be generated/uploaded directly to our servers.

Afullmark, I am going to be enabling diagnostics on your account as well so I can add the report to the ticket I am taking out for feedback from our tech team on this behavior.


Note: I will reach back out and let both you know when the diagnostics reports from your systems have arrived so you know I’ve got them :microscope:

@Chris_Steinhauser and @Afullmark ---- Jut touching base with you both to inform you that the mentioned diagnostics reports have been received and are now attached to the ticket which our tech team will use to provide feedback on this behavior.

Once the ticket has been updated and passed back I will be sure to share the team’s thoughts/findings ASAP. Your continued patience is very appreciated!


Thank you @eric. Most excellent service.

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@Chris_Steinhauser and @Afullmark ----- Thank you both again for your patience while our tech team have been reviewing the diagnostic reports we had received from your systems.

Continuing forward, our techs would like to examine logs from the affect remotes but the tricky part here is that the affected device must be able to re-establish it’s connection with the core machine in order for the logs to be received. Being as you need to reinstall the app after each crash I am sure you can imagine that this may be a little tough. However, our techs believe they may have a way around this and have proposed the following:

  1. Please reproduce the issue.
  2. At this point Roon should be inactive on the remote due to the crash. On the core machine please temporarily disable your watch folders.
  3. With the watch folders temporarily disabled please try launching Roon on the remote again. What you should see is an empty screen stating “no results”.
  4. If the above allows the remote to reconnect please leave it in this state and let me know asap so I can re-enable diagnostics.

If the above fails please let me know as I can offer another test to try and get around the crash. Many thanks!


@eric That worked; the app opens now with ‘no results’. Let me know when I can reenable the watched folder.

Great! @Afullmark please leave the application active on your core machine and remote as I will be enabling diagnostics right now.


Update: The request for diagnostics has been made and I will continue to monitor our servers over the next hour to confirm that the report is received.

@Eric okay it’s all set. Core and remote apps are running and watch folders are disabled

Great! Thank you @Chris_Steinhauser, very appreciated!

As I mentioned above if you would kindly leave the application active on both the core machine and the remote during this process it would be very appreciated! I will confirm when the update diagnostics have been received!


@Afullmark and @Chris_Steinhauser ----- Touching base with you both to let you know that the all diagnostics have been received and are being passed over to our techs for further evaluation. You are good to re-enable your watch folders, thanks again!


thanks @eric

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@eric on another note. It seems to be a problem related to locally stored files. When I turn off watched folder but keep Tidal enabled searching for “Nas” on my iPhone remote app works fine. As soon as I re-enable watched folders it crashes

Thanks for the note @Chris_Steinhauser, I am going to add that to your ticket for our techs :+1:


@Afullmark and @Chris_Steinhauser ---- Thank you again for your patience here!

Our tech team has asked for another round of feedback, and as per their update, may I very kindly ask you both to please perform a search for the content that is causing issues on your remote devices on your core machines and provide complete screenshots of the results.

Chris_Steinhauser = Nas

Afullmark = ‘furtwangler’


@Eric here is the screenshot