iOS devices crashing shortly after startup [See staff post]

The roon Remote will not connect on my MacBook Pro or my iPhone 12. It connects on my iPad. It will not play music to any of my remote speakers. It will only play music on the iPad. I have deleted the remote from all three devices. Cleared the cache.Shut down and restarted the devices. Re-downloaded the remotes. And nothing changed.

Yesterday, the iPad would not even connect to my core. One of your people suggested I restart my roon core. So I did that, and in doing so I lost all the meta-data changes of about 1 TB of music That I had edited!. That was over a 100 hours of work that now need need to be redone.

Can you put 1.7 back up for us to download and use until they can figure out all of the bugs in 1.8?

You would not loses data from a re boot, that’s on your data base. Your data base should be backed up and can be restored

This was driving me crazy. I fixed it by totally turning off my iphone then rebooting it. Problem has not recurred even once and it had been happening for over a week on 1.7 and 1.8.

Good luck :uk:

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iPhone 12 Pro - Roon App crashes frequently on 1.7 and now 1.8 (build 756). I am now also experiencing Windows 10 PC crashes since installing 1.8.

Can we please have access to the last release of 1.7 until 1.8 is stable? I can deal with the iPhone crashes but not Windows 10.

You can’t go back, put in a support request so the team can help fix the fault for you and future others… That way the product grows.

Roon crashes within tidal immediately when scrolling

iPad Pro 12.9
iPhone 12

iOS 14.4

Roon 1.8/ 756

Everything German

Seems clearly related to the app being backgrounded. I get the white screen or placeholder images for album view, then a crash. Sometimes a crash as soon as opening the app from a backgrounded state.

This has been a sporadic issue with Roon for years. I have a couple friends who said it improved for them finally after this release, but iPhone had been crashing on launch for years almost half the time.

A response from the Roon team seems overdue at this point.

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Seeing the same random crashes after a few seconds.

iOS 14.3
Core QNAP Nas
Both 1.8 (756)

I have a screen recording but can’t upload it.

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Hi my Roon app constantly crashes on my iPad. And will not work anymore. This happend after I tried to use Soundiiz on my iPad. can You help me get it working?

Rebooting often fixes the crashes on my 12promax and 5SE (both on latest iOS) for a few hours anyway. Pausing the app for a while seems to be quite problematic. Often need to reboot when I want to start playing again.

roon remote will close randomly, frequently and unpredictably during various actions.
IPad mini 3
IOS 12.5.1
Rock Win 10

operating system language Polish

Roon language Polish

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I have constant crashing on iPhone 10 not related to settings
Has been fine for days now suddenly crashing every minute or less. Another simultaneous problem is that the now playing page is stuck, hasn’t updated at all for an hour. Music is still playing fine, the queue is still accurate only now playing affected.

iOS 14.4
Mac Mini Core
All running 1.8 build 756
Linn Selekt DS

Crash log seems to be pointing to trying to make connections with Tidal!?

Event: wakeups
Action taken: none
Wakeups: 45001 wakeups over the last 194 seconds (232 wakeups per second average), exceeding limit of 150 wakeups per second over 300 seconds
Wakeups limit: 45000
Limit duration: 300s
Wakeups caused: 45001
Wakeups duration: 194s
Duration: 194.39s
Duration Sampled: 17.08s
Steps: 11

Hardware model: iPhone13,1
Active cpus: 6

Powerstats for: TIDAL
UUID: 9E229F40-4B05-3C74-BD04-07E4503C39C0
Adam ID: 913943275
Is First Party: No
Beta Identifier: FDB9C0E8-DC34-4F80-A9AE-0780521403D4
App Version: 2.21.0
Build Version: 3666
Path: /private/var/containers/Bundle/Application/9A25C426-720D-4A07-8501-288144168BF7/
Architecture: arm64
Start time: 2021-02-07 21:34:47.884 +1100
End time: 2021-02-07 21:34:54.887 +1100
Num samples: 7 (64%)
Primary state: 4 samples Non-Frontmost App, Non-Suppressed, Kernel mode, Effective Thread QoS Default, Requested Thread QoS Default, Override Thread QoS Unspecified
User Activity: 7 samples Idle, 0 samples Active
Power Source: 0 samples on Battery, 7 samples on AC
4 ??? (libsystem_pthread.dylib + 14296) [0x1f30c17d8]
4 ??? (libdispatch.dylib + 86304) [0x1a7217120]
4 ??? (libdispatch.dylib + 84584) [0x1a7216a68]
4 ??? (libdispatch.dylib + 15792) [0x1a7205db0]

Actually, as has been said before… properly restarting phone has very much stabilised my roon 1.8 iOS app

Same issue - Chrashes within 30 seconds

  • If you’re seeing this with a specific action, please describe the actions that reproduce this in detail - when loading the app - starts - works then crashes within 30 seconds.
  • If the crash happens seemingly at random, how often does it occur - everytime
  • Phone / iPad model - Iphone 12 Pro Max
  • iOS version - 14.4
  • Core type - PC
  • OS Language - Danish
  • Roon Language - Danish

We have sent so many crash logs to Roon. During the summer, many of us downloaded an app connected to the Roon app that sent crash logs to Roon that were beyond just the information the Roon app provided. We did it for months, but nothing was fixed.

I give up. When it starts crashing, I restart my phone. The only thing that works…for a while.

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Hello, @support. Starting this evening, iOS on my iPhone no longer can find my core. I uninstalled and reinstalled the iOS app with the same outcome.

Roon core is working as I have checked on a separate PC with Roon Remote on it and I can access and play out through my system.

In addition, neither my Surface Pro2 laptop running Windows 8.1 nor my Android tablet can find the core tonight. That needs fixing, but we’ll focus here on the iPhone only.

iPhone 7 Plus
iOS 14.4
Roon app v 1.8.00756

Windows Server 2019 with Audiophile Optimizer
RoonServer v 1.8 build 756

I rebooted the core and that did not solve.

Thanks for the help. JCR

Update: iOS app worked last night. Back to not working this morning.

After latest update Roon 1.8 now works with Danish language on IOS

Still got the crashing i’ve been experiencing from march last year… feels like a memory leak or issues with memory.

  • If the crash happens seemingly at random, how often does it occur

When it starts it’s often. Scrolling through albums or loading related albums. Can happen anywhere.

  • Phone / iPad model

iPhone Xs 512gb (A2097)

  • iOS version

From 13.x until 14.4

  • Core type

Ubuntu 20.04 on NUC6i5

  • OS Language


  • Roon Language