iOS loses contact to Roon Core

Asus i5 6400 2,7, win 19 ver1803.
Firewall disabled. Wireless.

Router Tecnicolor, wireless. IPv6 disabled

USB to AVM SD5.2

iPhone 7 IOS 12.2
iPAD air 2 IOS 12.2
Had removed and reinstalled Roon app.

iOS devices loses connection often.I can seldom use Roon thrue IOS product more than 1 hour. Sometimes I can reconnect, often not. Restart of Roon on Core always helps. Playing from Core goes perfect. Never any problems.

Hi @Lars-Eric_Olsson,

Thanks for your post here, I have a couple of follow-up questions:

  • Can you clarify the exact error state further?
  • What are you doing right before this issue occurs?
  • Does this only happen when you exit and enter the Roon app again?
  • Does force quitting the app (double press home and swipe the app away) restore the connection to the Core?
  • How is your Core connected, is it over WiFi or Ethernet?
  • Is there any change if you connect your Core via Ethernet?


Hi,Thanks for quick response.
After playing music on Roon for a while my IOS remotes devices lost connection.
Sometimes they can reconnect, but often they just say lost connection. Restart of the Roon app in IOS device wont help. A restart of the core always helps.
This can happen when I start using the other IOS device, or after I wake up the IOS device after 20-30 minutes to change artist or song.
My Core is connected over WiFi, playing from the Core never couses any problems in sound or connection.
I have not tried Core connection by Ethernet yet as the Core and musicroom is downstairs and my router is placed upstairs.

Hi @Lars-Eric_Olsson,

Can you please give this a try next? If things are stable with WiFi out of the mix then we have a great direction to look in.


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