iOS remote touch screen sensitivity and choppy scrolling [Improvements released]

I don’t have this issue. IOS, iPhone scrolling is fine, in tracks or albums.
Scroll changes direction immediately.

It is also ok on my iphone.

I have the issue on my ipad pro 11 inch.

Hopefully this is not yet marked as solved, because scrolling through albums is still not smooth (I think it was better on some earlier updates).

Unfortunately Roon app (one of my most used apps) just does not feel like as good as it should be. Constant reloads when opening (meaning all list positions etc. are lost), this happens when using other app for short time (like a minute). I hope we get little better iPad/iPhone apps in future.


You are absolutely right. The bug you mention is After lockscreen loosing position in playlists on iOS and is really annoying. Hopefully we finally get a fix for this.

Now getting the scroll hitching on Android on the album page.

No longer an iOS only issue it seems, eurgh.

Now getting the scroll hitching on Android on the album page.

No longer an iOS only issue it seems, eurgh.

I have to say that the new build has sorted any scrolling issues for me on iPad Pro 10.5”.
I suspect that my issues weren’t as bad as those experienced by some here, but I always found the scrolling in Albums (and to a lesser extent Artists) to be a tiny bit ‘twitchy’, for want of a better term. This new build didn’t make a difference first off, but after restarting the iPad I find the scrolling to be almost buttery smooth now.
Thank you very much Roon team!



I tried b923 today. Scrolling up the list on the Album list is still jerky on my 7th gen iPad and iPhone 12 Pro (scrolling down the list is smooth). For me, this has been going on since 1.8 was introduced.

In the grand scheme of things, it’s not a huge deal, but does “cheapen” the user experience.

EDIT: Scrolling up and down on the Now Playing screen (for example, Artist Bio and Album Review) is now smooth. Yay! Previously, it jumped around so bad it was unusable.

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B923 seems to have fixed this for me.

B923 is worse than the previous build,scrolling on my ipad pro/iphone 13 pro max is bck to being jerky / stutter feast

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Unfortunately i find myself in the same situation, this really appears to be an obscure bug which is proving impossible to track down, so far.

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I seriously just don’t get it,this is a simple scrolling issue,something like this shouldn’t be hard to fix,if I was in charge of roon software I’d be embarrassed,I mean 2 fickin years theve been at this trying to fix it,lost for words here

Try to scroll directly in the middle part of the screen. The problem is that by swiping left or right you can move from song lyrics to bio, album review, etc. Apparently this solution is not ideal, causing the sort of scrolling instability that many people report. This is mitigated by scrolling exactly in the center of the screen, avoiding the sides.

Yes, the scrolling issue on tracks, compositions and playlists screens is fixed :+1:

Thanks, this action certainly improves the situation but the problem is still visible. :confused:

Guys, did you restart the iPad OS app?
This seemed to affect my experience, even if it seems a bit intermittent.

Restarted, client, core (& rebooted pc) but unfortunately where the Scrolling previously was barely noticeable it is now of “nuisance status.”

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Same here, no improvement on scrolling . I even have a ticket opened:Ticket

Amazing? Scrolling (Albums) is performing very nice on the iPad Pro 12,9" at this time (b923).
Seems almost random this?

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Totally agree, a really bizarre situation and obviously a very elusive resolution for the development team.

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