iPad and Android tablet scrolling still off in My Tracks and inside Playlists [Ticket in]

When scrolling the content of a playlist or in the My Tracks overview, the content quickly loses sync with the finger touch. The content keeps slipping from under my finger and the scrolling motion continues even though I have stopped moving.

This does not happen with the My playlists overview (1 level up) or in the My Albums or My Artists overview. Here, it does work as expected, precisely following my finger movements.

This issue is present in my system as well as in two friends’ systems and when using a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, the 2020 iPad Pro 11, and an earlier model iPad Air. Interestingly, the problem is not present when using the iPhone X.

This issue started with the first version of Roon 1.8 and has been persistent.

I have been spamming every new release feedback thread with zero response from the Roon team. I have opted not to do this now and create this ticket instead. What I want to know is if this issue is acknowleged and if not, I would be happy to provide further info.

I sincerely doubt it is my setup because this issue simply started with 1.8 and is present not only in my system but also my friends’ systems. In any event, the issue is there with either the Grimm MU1 or the Antipodes K50 as server.

I think I see what you mean…a slight sideways movement is enough to drop the point of scrolling too. A lift of the finger and replacement picks up again but but other listings seem to be ok.

Mine is iPad Pro gen 1 11”

Thanks for chiming in. I just checked but it also happens when moving my finger perfectly vertically. When wiggling the list contents up and down, it goes along at first, but then slips from underneath the finger in 2-4 movements and then scrolls on for a bit. Really, the only way that I can get along with this is to make short quick movements of 3 albums at a time while lifting my finger inbetween moves. First-world problems, right? But it annoys me and bugs me that it was fine with 1.7 and it is also fine in the other views so it will likely be something small that easily be fixed.

Update: the issue persists after the upgrade to Build 903.

I dont think this was addressed in the update today

Indeed it doesn’t seem that way. But since this issue was present since the very start of 1.8, yet it still hasn’t been acknowlegded by Roon staff, I feel that I need to keep reiterating the issue.

Hi @Christiaan,

Thanks for getting into about this. The newest release did include a number of fixes for this behavior on iOs, and many customers have reported an immediate and noticeable improvement. You can find more details on the new release here:

Are you seeing this issue on all of your tablet devices with the exception of iPhone? If so, could you please grab an iOS screen recording so we can get a feel for what you’re seeing?

We have more fixes for scrolling behavior coming, we’re sorry that you didn’t see more of an improvement. Thanks!

Hi Jamie, thanks for responding. Indeed, with build 903, I am still seeing the issue when using a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 and the 2020 iPad Pro 11. Previously, I also saw it in friends’ systems with a range of iPad models.

I have made a screen recording. it doesn’t record the touch input so to illustrate what happens is that I will select a couple of views and then scroll up and down four times for each view without removing my finger from the screen.

With Albums and Artists, this works as intended. With Tracks, however, you’ll see that the content loses sync with the touch input already after the first swipe up. I’m giving it another go, only for it to happen again after two swipes. With the Playlists overview, it works as intended, but with the Playlist content, you will again see that the content slips from under my finger already after the first swipe. Here, I also give it another go, only for the issue to happen again.

Alas, MP4 is not allowed so I can’t upload the screen recording to this forum. To get around this, I sent it via WeTransfer. The file can be downloaded for 7 days.

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@jamie it should be noted that the way this can be reproduced is holding your finger/pencil on the screen sand dragging up and down without taking it off the screen…a screen recording only shows the effect, not the fact that one’s finger doesn’t leave the screen or lift off…roon just drops the scrolling and it coasts to a stop

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Hey @Christiaan,

Thank you for the screen recording effort! My apologies for not mentioning that the MP4 would need to be posted in google drive, wetransfer, etc. I’ve downloaded it and viewed. I was able to reproduce the same behavior on my iPad Air 2. I’m getting in touch with our QA dept.

Can you please tell us the device and OS that you’re using when seeing this? For instance my iPad is an Air 2 running iOS 14.7.1. We appreciate your help here!

Just wanted to confirm that we were able to reproduce yet again in house and we’re submitting a ticket. We appreciate the assistance @Christiaan! :boom: :muscle:

Fab, Jamie! For the record, I have the issue with a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 and the 2020 iPad Pro 11. The latter runs the latest iPadOS, version 15.2.1.

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Update: this issue is also present with the new 11 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 as well as the 12,4 inch S8 + (Plus).

Hey @Christiaan, I just wanted to let you know that our latest update, Build 918, has resolved this scrolling issue. Can you please install the latest version from the app store. Thanks!

Hi Jamie, thanks for the heads up, much appreciated! However, I hate to say it, but the issue is not fixed. I still get the same behavior on the iPad Pro 11 as well as the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus.

Thank you for the heads up @Christiaan, we’re looking into it. :pray:t2:

Jay!!! Build 923 finally fixed this for me. Scrolling playlist contents now works well on both iPad Pro 11 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus.

Excellent news, @Christiaan! Thank you for the update, happy listening :loud_sound:

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