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My computer and iPad have different data. The computer is accurate.

First glance looks like only Tidal albums are shown on the iPad?
Whereas there are Qobuz and local files shown in the screenshot from the computer?

Weird, almost like two different cores?

I am signed in on Qobuz. It looks like 2 different cores

Also the iPad shows 7378 albums in album view, the computer 7529. However, this number in album view depends on whether “Show hidden albums” is set to yes or no, which is a per-device setting.

If you go to Home, it shows the actual number of albums in the library, regardless of this setting. Do you see the same number there?

What happens with other album sort settings on both devices, instead of “By date added”. E.g., by artist. Is it also different?

Please also go to Settings > About on both devices, does it show the same machine as the Core?

P.S.: I like your library content :wink:

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No I have 7529 albums on my computer and 7379 on my iPad.
I logged out of Qobuz and it didn’t seem to make muck difference

Both devices have the same core

I have no clue what is going on …
Your screenshots have no similarities whatsoever as far as I can tell, but they show only “by date added”. Obviously this should also be the same, but I am still wondering if they are also so dissimilar with other sort options

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I’ve had this happen in the past, not recently. Resolved it by resetting the Roon Remote app: go to the app icon on the Settings screen (lower left menu, scroll if needed), enable “Reset Roon Remote on next startup,” and restart the iPad.


When I change sort it still stays the same

What stays the same? The displayed albums don’t change? They should, obviously. Is this the same on the PC and iPad?

I seem to have lost my Qobuz. The albums play but they don’t show up

They did show up earlier in your PC screenshot, what changed? You could try logging out of Qobuz, shutting down the Nucleus, rebooting the router, then restart Nucleus, then logging in to Qobuz again

I logged out of Qobuz and restarted the Nucleus to no avail

Do you have any duplicates or Versions.

I am not sure if Roon counts versions as separate Albums hence the difference euqlly it may discount duplicates , why a difference between Core and iPad ???

Maybe Settings > General

How many Qobuz albums have you added to your library? Use Focus in the Album browser on your laptop to check this (Focus > Storage Locations > Qobuz Library).

Perhaps the reason that no Qobuz albums are being displayed on the iPad is because you have set your Streaming Content Preferences to choose Tidal, whereas on the laptop it is set to “No preference”. These General settings are per device…

As I said above, on the Home page it shows the real number of individual releases regardless of the setting, in the Albums view it depends on the setting as it only counts those that are visible (which are obviously less if versions are hidden).

But in his screenshots there are completely different albums to be seen as last added, which makes no sense either way

But that only affects what is chosen when choosing it, like in search results and adding an album to the library. Once a specific version is added and/or set as primary, that’s what the library contains, and it should show the same on both remotes - and it does, I just tested it by setting the iPad to prefer Tidal and leaving the Mac on prefer Qobuz, and there is no change/difference in what the library displays

I have 974 Qobuz albums
TIDAL 1659

Have you tried @Fernando_Pereira’s suggestion?

Hi @Steve_Child,

We wanted to check in on this thread - were you able to resolve the issue by resetting the Remote as noted above?