iPad is a pain to hold

I just purchased on iPad Air. I have to be honest I much prefer holding my iPhone. I can use one hand and it’s quite comfortable. The IPad is difficult to hold in one hand and you can’t really use 2 hands. After just a few minutes browsing through Roon via the iPad I’m uncomfortable and just switch to my iPhone. Anyone else feel the same?

No. But my present iPad Pro 9.7 weighs less than the Google tablet it replaced. And I have it near me all day at work as well as at home. I do have a cheap 8 inch tablet that does the job too but I actually prefer the iPad!


Quite the opposite for me. iPhone is too small. iPad works great for Roon. Are you using a case like an Otterbox. Think that helps.


@Markus_Menasci Perhaps you need a table and a cover or stand of some sort? How about this?:

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For my Roon-dedicated 9.7" iPad (5th gen), I use a Compass stand made by Twelve South. Light, adjustable, and I rarely need to hold the iPad itself when selecting or controlling music.

I just lay mine in my lap until I need to use it.

I agree, anything larger than a phone becomes a little difficult to hold comfortably operating Roon.A stand of some sort is almost a necessity. I placed my iPad Pro in an gutted out Sooloos Control 10 enclosure.


I find the iPad Mini is the right form factor for me. Maybe because I’m used to it. My gf’s Air feels unwieldy in comparison.

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I also find the iPad mini a good size. :+1:

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The LTE iPad mini is my go-to computer for everything except ripping CDs at this point. Instant-on with good battery life and desktop class internet everywhere make it invaluable. I love it.


Although I have an iPad, I always use my iPhone to operate Roon.

Not because I find the iPad cumbersome, but simply because the iPhone is always to hand in my pocket.

Do you have a faster workflow than Unlocking, opening the App, wait until Roon Remote ist connected and tap the desired Button? I wish Roon would at least have a lock screen widget which or stays connected.

Hi Markus. I can totally relate.
The thin form factor plus the smooth aluminum back makes holding the iPad a pain.
I usually buy a sturdy protective cover for my iPads, like the STM Dux case.
Mainly for the rubber rim it adds - geat for a good grip & relaxed handling (the protection being a neat bonus).
…a stand for the coffeetable (as suggested by others) is always welcome, too (mine is from a well known Swedish company :wink:).

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Unless I’m lying in bed, using my iPad Pro 12.9 is very easy and comfortable, even though I’m losing a good bit of control in my hands, due to arthritis and age. I just hold it in landscape mode, with it resting on my left arm, and the lower right corner cradled by my fingers. Roon is very easy to use on it. I gave up using my phone. WAY too small. But that is me, and you are you.

I always keep Roon open on my iPad Pro. On most Roon features, I prefer the IPP to my Dell desktop or my MacBook Pro.

I bought a flip case/cover and it made a big difference.

Okay, that’s not possible for me, as I use my iPad or iPhone for a lot of other stuff (google, recipes, writing, drawing, todo) and I don’t want to burn the battery down.

I always have a charging cord near me at my two areas I listen in.

My predominant use is the 9.7” iPad which gives me the best experience, I’ve got a couple that float around the house with ROON in them. iPad is definitely the best when looking for new or finding older, obscure music whereas the iPhone is just fine for once I’m already listening or know exactly what I want.

I love using my giant iPad Pro 12.9” with Roon. I wouldn’t use anything else with it at this point. No other iPad I have had displays as much real estate in Roon as this one does. I suggest that you look at either the pad and quill or the dodocase ipad cases. They both offer outstanding high-quality book type covers that allow the iPad to sit at an angle on your lap so that you can easily use roon and do all your other iPad functions like surfing the net typing etc. I have used both over the years and find them equally outstanding. The pad and quill case is perhaps slightly higher quality but both are outstanding. And the Dodocase is relatively cheap! Each comes in a variety of options…I like the linen ones but they have leather and other options too!
Pad&Quill: https://www.padandquill.com/contega-linen-ipad-pro-13.html
Dodocase: https://www.dodocase.com/pages/customizer-ipad