iPad Pro 12.9 2021 with Magic Keyboard

I have the new 2021 M1 iPad Pro 12.9 with the new Magic Keyboard for it.

The Roon app fails to recognize the track pad for scrolling with the standard two finger gesture, like I can with just about every other app on iOS. I have to use a click to scroll with the cursor and that is far more cumbersome, since it’s doesn’t work as well: I have to keep reorienting my cursor position when the screen scolls.

I realize this is a new hardware combo, but the 2020 iPP and MK have been out a while. I wonder if the same problem is there as well. This is a lame UX. Please improve the UI by supporting trackpad gestures.


Actually, Roon is just acting plain flakey on my new iPad Pro 12.9. Pause and Play is unreliable too. If I pause play, I have to hit resume, pause, reume a few times to get it going again.

This worked fine with my 2018 iPad Pro 11, other then the fact Roon likes to crash anyway, whcih I think has been reporteed elsewhere.

Your posts made me curious about my iPad 12.9 2019 unit as I had not used it for Roon playback in quite some time. Mine seems to be working without issue with the Magic Keyboard I have. I know that does not resolve your problem but simply another observation.

The 2-finger gesture for scrolling with the trackpad doesn’t work at all in Roon. It works with every other app, bar none. WTF?

Roon has a pretty crappy user experience on the iPad. I can’t tell you how many times I have unintentionally moved the playback slider on a track, when all I want to do was swipe up to go to the home screen. Between that and the non-functional Magic Keyboard trackpad I’m seriously thinking about just using the Qobuz app and abanodning Roon altogether (and my subscription).

Not to mention, the feature I really want is still MIA on Roon and available in the Qobuz app (search in Qobuz by record label). Ugh.

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You are absolutely right. I tried to scroll with the Magic Keyboard and zero reaction. Obviously you can scroll via screen touch but that kind of sucks.

Wait a minute I just got it to scroll from the Magic Keyboard. I first had to use a finger swipe on the screen which brought up the little scrolling bar on the right but then the Magic Keyboard “circle” could “grab” it and then scroll. It is still funky but it works

Trying to use the Magic Keyboard / iPad Pro combo is abysmal in Roon. Actually I would go so far as to say it’s a non-starter. And yes this happens with 2020 iPad Pro’s as well.


No, I’m talking about the two-finger trackpad gesture, which works for scrolling in every other app. I can grab the screen with the cursor and scroll that way but it’s very cumbersome by comparison, and a crappy user experience.