iPad to Roon (DAC)


Is it possible to play to the Roon server from my iPad. Roon output is via USB to my DAC.

  • Rich
(Martin Webster) #2

Not entirely sure I’ve understood your question. You can use an iPad or iPhone as a Roon endpoint (bridge) and connect some USB DACs. You’ll need the Apple Lightning to Camera Adapter and a supported DAC, e.g. Chord Mojo, AudioQuest Dragonfly Red, but not the Dragonfly 1.2. Roon won’t ‘see’ the DAC only the iOS device.

(Mr Fix It ) #3

Some DACs will work, but the iPad Pro’s with USB-C have some USB issues with DACs and some DACs will need to be used powered connections, ie a charger powering the adapter.


There are times when my kids and I want to stream from the iPad to my HT system. The iPad can Airplay to a support devices. Roon in running on a PC USB connected to the Oppo UPD-205. If I could Airplay to Roon then that would work.

Direct connection from the iPad to the Oppo is less convenient but I would do that by the iPad is not recognizing the 205. The iPad does recognize the Sonica DAC but I am thinking of removing that since it is not used for any other purpose.

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(Mike O'Neill) #5

If its any help

I use an iPad Mini with the Apple Camera Kit to Audioquest Dragonfly RED , a new one with lower current consumption (the older versions draw more than Apple’s allowed current and you get an error message saying so)

I have also streamed Airplay to my Cambridge Audio CXN with no issues