iPhone 11 Pro has just stopped connecting

First, my iPhone 11 Pro has just stopped connecting. It was working a couple of days ago, now it just says “Connection Failed”. In Roon settings I have set YES to accept connections from remotes and the iPad app is still working. Both apps and Roon core on the same network. I deleted the app from my iPhone and reinstalled it - makes no difference.

Second, the network connection to one of my zones (Meridian 808 with ID41 card) keeps dropping. I then get the message “Select Audio Zone”. When I go into Menu > Settings > Audio the 808 eventually reappears and I can reconnect; then after a few minutes the same thing happens again.

Music is stored on Meridian Media Core 200. Both seem to be network issues, but not sure if they are related. Any advice appreciated.

As much as you can, I would set fixed IPs to devices you use often. If your router is reassigning IPs through DHCP you might see this. But what you are experiencing seems a bit excessive.
What router do you have? Do you have any switches? Another problem could be Multicast is not working properly. This problem can often be traced to a particular router/setup or a managed switch.
If this is a fairly consistent problem for you, you should probably post your problem in Support. They will want more networking details. Support will be able to give a more systematic evaluation of the problem. And if it isn’t something simple, they can check your Roon Logs.

Thank you. I think the two issues are not related. I can connect to Roon using my wife’s iPhone - an older model iPhone 7 but it’s running the same latest operating system. So the connection problem seems to relate only to my iPhone 11 Pro.

I’m using a BT router. My Roon Core (iMac) connects by wi-fi and the Meridian Media Core 200 connects from the network port to the router using Meridian speaker-link cable. I then run another speaker-link cable from the router to the ID41 port in the Meridian 808, which is in a separate room. The ID41 port has solid amber and flashing green lights even when the music drops out, so that does suggest data is being transmitted.

I also downloaded an app called Fing, which checks network connections and all seems fine. I have static IP addresses for all components connected to the router. Does any of this help?

I think you should post this under Support. I can move it over there if you wish

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Hi, I’ve moved your post to the #support

In order for Roon’s @support team to better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so they can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

Thank you Carl. Firstly, my hardware and setup:

Modem: BT wireless hub
Roon Core: version 1.7 (build 528) the latest version
Core running on: Apple iMac, retina 5k, 27 inch
Processor: 4.2 GHz quad core Intel i7
Memory: 32GB, 2400 MHz DDR4
Music stored: Meridian Media Core 200
Music output: Meridian 808 with ID41 network card

iMac to router: Wi-Fi
Media Core 200: Meridian speaker-link from network port to BT router
Meridian 808: Meridian speaker-link from BT router to ID41 card

No issues with the wi-fi signal and my download speed is around 23Mbps; upload speed about 3Mbps. Not sure if that is relevant, so just for info.

The Meridian 808 is in a separate room. Not sure of the cable length - speaker-link is a flat cable that runs under a carpet - maybe 15 meters. I have used this set up since July 2015 with no drop out problems. I have subscribed to Roon for just under a year and prior to that I used Meridian Control Mac to run the system. Control Mac is a 32 bit program that no longer runs on 64 bit Mac hardware and that was the reason I changed to Roon.

This is a very recent issue, which started a few days ago. Music (or radio) drops out without warning. The Meridian 808 “disappears” from Roon zone and then reappears usually with 15-30 seconds. The data transmission from the router to the 808 appears constant - by that, I mean there is a solid amber light and a flashing green light on the ID41 network port even when the music has dropped out.

All router connections have static IP addresses. I have logged into the router to check and also use an app called Fing, which shows the IP addresses.

I also have a very recent issue (last couple of days) with my iPhone 11 Pro no longer connecting to the Roon Core. When I click on the app, it shows my iMac as the core; I get an amber button and Connecting, then a red button with Connection Failed. The iPhone software is 13.3.1. I deleted the app and reinstalled it, but still no connection. All other network aspects of the iPhone - internet, email, messaging - work fine. My wife’s iPhone 7 running the same software connects to Roon with no problems, as does my iPad. All very strange!

I have rebooted the iMac, rebooted the iPhone, and disconnected and restarted the Meridian 808. The only items in the chain I haven’t rebooted are the router and the Media Core 200.

Hope this is sufficient background - let me know if I have missed anything.

Thanks for your support.

Problem seems to be solved - I think! I rebooted everything, including the BT router, and then added two Apple AirPort Extremes - first one connected by ethernet to the router and a second to extend (boost) the wireless network in the room where the 808 is located.

I then connected both the Media Core, and the network cable that runs to the 808, to the first AirPort Extreme. Have been playing music for over an hour and no drop outs. The iPhone 11 Pro now also connects to the Roon Core.

This is all very strange and I’ve no idea what caused the problem, but good to have everything up and running again.

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