iPhone 11 (Pro Max) - iOS 13.1.1 Roon App Keeps Quitting

@noris and again at 20:48 EST

@noris - Ok now it’s crashing constantly after a few seconds. FYI the music continues to play from Core

@noris @dylan

Here link to a video if it helps :

As you’ll see Roon just quits

Just an FYI:
iPhone 11 Pro Max
iOS 13.1.2
Roon 1.6 Build 438 stable 64

Everything works and looks fine

Hi @Mike_Ormerod,

Thanks for sending that video over. It appears that an older set of logs from your iPhone has reached our servers, but the most recent timestamps you listed have not yet. Can you please open the app once you have a few min?

Also, can you please manually send me the logs from your Core by using these instructions and then reboot your Core as well? The best way to get the logs over to me would be via a shared Dropbox / Google Drive / Send.firefox.com link. Thanks!

@noris - Done & Message sent

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I’m getting reliable crashes - mainly when I scroll down the artists list - since upgrading to 13.1.2.

Could you enable diagnostics mode for me, please, and I’ll note the times here

I’ve had no crashes since upgrading to iOS 13.2 beta-1.

I have crashes also since updating to ios 13.1.2. iphone 7, nuc 7i7.

I too am running a newly installed version of Roon on my iPhone 11 Pro Max and it crashes after maybe 15 seconds. I can get an album to start but then the app quits out (if I’m lucky).

I also use Roon on an iPad recently upgraded to iPadOS and it does not crash.

I am using Linksys Mesh access points for WiFi, connecting to a 5K iMac running the Core.

Hi @Hans_Joachim_Jauer / @John_Hendron,

Is there any change in behavior if you reboot your iPhone devices? By this I mean power off completely and then restart it once more? Is there any change if you reinstall the Roon app?

Hi noris,

Good idea. I had no crashes since more than 24 hours, and did reboot during this time. If there will be another crash, I will reinstall the roon app. Thanks, Hans

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Restarting the phone from a power down did resolve the issue, but only termporarily. The problem returned. After a removal and reinstall of app, no change was seen; ie it continued to crash.

New experiences. This morning my iphone didn‘t appear in the list of endpoints, and in addition to this tidal did not work („… track not available in tidal…“). Playing from my own storage was ok.

After restart of iphone both issues disappeared.

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Hi @John_Hendron,

Can you please open up your Roon app on your iPhone once more? I have activated diagnostics mode for you account and what this action does is automatically upload a set of logs to our servers.

In the previous reports I did not notice any visible crashes in the logs, but I would like to check on your end if the behavior is the same as well. Thanks!

I launched the app three times just now and each time it continued to crash after 15-20 seconds.

Hi @John_Hendron,

Thanks for launching the app, I can confirm that your iPhone diagnostic logs have been received. I’m not seeing any crashes logged inside the diagnostics package, but I have requested the technical team to review them as well.

If you have another PC you can use to temporarily host the Roon Core, can you verify if the behavior is the same? As always, I would suggest creating a Backup of your Roon database just as a precaution before switching Cores.

Has there been any update on this? I am having exactly the same issue having just upgraded to iOS 13.1.2 (iPhone 11 Pro).

Dear Dylan,
This may not be useful to those who are experiencing problems. I have a new iPhone XS Max and iPad Pro 12.9 and have no difficulty running iOS 13.1.1. I merely mention this at this time as a contrast frame. And whereas I used to employ my iPad Air 2 for Friday night Djing while my wife takes massage, I now employ the iPad Pro 12.9 running iOS 13.1.1 without any issues. But am sorry for those who are having issues with the new iOS 13.1.1. Offered merely in support to demonstrate a contrast frame. Whoops! I already updated to 13.1.2. so now I have to do an Emily Litella and say “Nevermind”. Tonight, I will be able to confirm that 13.1.2 is working fine on my iPad Pro 12.9 and XS Max. Sorry.

PS Update with 13.1.2. on XS Max and iPad Pro 12.9 roon’s remote works fabulously. Over and out. Now to try my iMac where I foolishly installed Catalina yesterday and not sure I should have.

Exactly the same issue here, the app keeps crashing and quitting after a few seconds when relaunched… iOS 13.1.2 (iPhone 11).