iPhone 15 review for audiophiles

[Excellent review if you haven’t misspent your youth in mosh pits!]

The iPhone 15 has USB-C, but is it the hi-res audio upgrade we’ve all been waiting for?

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THX Norman for the link.

USB-C will make it easier to connect existing products - But you still need a DAC. So no change.

I will stick with my DAP


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Yes. I mostly listen on DAP, except when i only want one device with me i listen on the iphone and the AK usb dac will no longer need an exptra little adapter.

Looking forward to using my Focal Bathys with a single USB-C cable to my 15 Pro. :slight_smile:

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Yes that will be nice. Although I currently use the Focal Bathys with my iPhone 12 Pro Max with only one cable - a Lightning to USB-C OTG cable - and it works great! A three piece setup (iPhone + cable + Bathys) that plays high resolution audio (as confirmed by Roon) and that sounds fantastic.

with no usb dac?

The Focal Bathys have a built-in USB DAC which is accessed via the “USB DAC” mode (a switch on the right earcup). Works with most mobile devices and computers.

interesting; thanks

I’m getting the 15 in large measure because of the usb c [which my DAP already is] and to get rid of the usb lighting to usb c adapter on my iphone

This will just be the same as us lot using USBC on the iPads.


I listen to music on a DAP when walking the dog, and on an iPhone when I only want one device with me at a restaurant, but never on an iPad

no need for their “camera connection kit” lightning-to-usb dongle is a nice thing. about time.

but yah, the DAC in the phone might be “fine” for some, but we are enthusiasts :nerd_face:


The Astell & Kern SP-3000 has a built-in DAC that does hi-res and DSD. But sometimes I just want one device with me – and this will be good with the Astell & Kern HC 2 USB DAC, which will no longer need the extra little adapter for the iPhone 15

BTW, my nucleus + has been on the fritz for 10 days; perhaps you could encourage your distributor in Canada to return phone messages from audio retailers in Victoria.

I used to travel for work regularly and my set-up looked something like this:

iPad->CCKit->iBasso DAC->IEMs

That’s a lot of cables and devices strung out like shoelaces across a couch drop table. So many better options these days and I really like the idea of a headphone with internal DAC or simply a USB-C to USB dongle and a Dragonfly. Almost makes me want to travel again… not really.

I expect to see plenty of new USB-C DAC dangles hit the market soon.

EDIT: I just found an article confirming that the USB-C port is unrestricted. No more “this accessory” blah blah errors (at least for now). This is really good news

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Time to call in the hounds. :wink:

Just think, we can (maybe) use something like this with the iPhone 15. Ethernet, HDMI out, 3 of USB 3.0.

Think of all the accessories you could plug into it.

A monitor to display Roon on a large screen. External SSDs with your music. Ethernet to maintain that Roon recommended means of networking. A USB DAC of your choice. :wink:

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Look what the cat brought in:

Not too shabby (Creative BT-W5 USB-C Apt-X Adaptive Bluetooth dongle to Focal Bathys):


Does it give a noticable audible improvement?

I know when I use my Android phone with larger LDAC headphones, compared to my iPhone on AAC there is a noticeable improvement (particularly with certain styles of music) but I sometimes wonder if that is platform related as opposed to Codec

Yeah… It’s big improvement compared to AAC. I already used the Apt-X dongles with my Macs and iPad Pro – convenient I can plug one into my iPhone now as well.

Very good to hear that thanks

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