iPhone displays previous track

I have similar issue, intermittently, with second system Linn Kiko playing Qobuz controlled by Roon app on iPhone. Also, sometimes display shows track previously played track and no progress through track displayed. Files from NAS play fine. All works well on main system with Klimax DSM.

Hi @Newton_John,

Can you please provide some more information as to the exact error state? When this issue occurs, do you see the track “stuck” towards the end, with 1 second or so remaining?

Many thanks for reply, Noris. My issue appears to be caused by the control point, an iPhone. I have discovered there is no problem using an alternative, an iPad. Therefore, I have just deleted the Roon app on the iPhone and reinstalled it. This has cured the problem.

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Hi @Newton_John,

Thanks for the update here, glad to hear it’s working since re-installing the app!

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