iPod Touch as a cheap endpoint

Very nice indeed. That’s a much better permanent solution than an iOS endpoint - no battery re-charging etc.

I still love my iOS endpoint when I want a mobile source, that’s disconnected from mains power / RF…

But I’d never recommend an iOS endpoint for a permanent solution. Too much fussing around with charging and cables etc.

As always, I learned from you. I did not really imagine that this would work, and think back at all the wasted hours last year trying to get some kind of streaming mix to work. And it turned out the least expensive was quite effective. Thank you and Bill for your help.


better ping a donation to Harry on the Ropieee site too then…Its a great solution for RPi OS

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I’m happy you found what you were looking for at Fry’s! Not my usual experience there. :smile:

Yes, definitely.

They had one kit – for $ 69. But it had an interesting little keyboard. So, rather than wait for Amazon to deliver on Tuesday, I decided to pay a bit more make it this afternoon’s project. I do thank you, though. I wouldn’t have known where to start with the hardware. The existence of the kit made things approachable.

May I ask a dumb question, please, since I know you know the answer?

I’ve done my best to tweak the DSP settings as recommended in the kb. However, if I simply want to fiddle with the treble, or in a rare case, bass, settings on the fly, just one did eons ago, how on earth does one do it on Roon?

Always grateful for your advise and help!

Hi @catman, I’ve never used this but left click on your zone (bottom right) and then select DSP.

It’ll be there under parametric EQ.

Done! The first one at least!

Many thanks. I’ll try this now.

OK. I tried this, and got a lot of tech stuff. No way to easily tweak treble / bass as one can do in a stereo.

OK. I get a hang of this. I’ll play with this more. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!

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No worries. As mentioned I’ve never played with parametric EQ so my help will be limited but if you’re on the right screen, that’s where all the action is !

Happy fiddling! Be careful though, don’t be boosting things too much though or you can further increase distortions in your drivers.

Well, it’s really not so bad. Once you get to this picture

You can grab any of those little colored dots and move it up (to boost that frequency) or down (to mute that frequency). Play around till you get it the way you want it.

Here I wanted to mute the bass a bit, so I grabbed a low-frequency dot and moved it down.

Oh, very useful! Thank you! Will do this tomorrow.

If you have a willing accomplice get them to move the dots up and down where you can’t see them and listen to see what you like.

A few days on, I have a little follow up question please, if I may. It might well be my head playing tricks, but I seem to detect a small, but present background hiss – sounds like the trace of power transmission cables. Is there a way to tune this out? Reading around, I found recommendations for HATs to fix this problem. Does the method work? And where do I get one that I can easily attach to this Pi?

IHMO a better alternative is the latest model iPad (currently $279 on amazon/Best Buy).

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I would think this is a better option too, certainly a better display area than the iPod (6th Gen) which I have and find it almost impossible to navigate as a remote even for settings.

This is really outside my experience – but wouldn’t mains noise be a “hum”? Hiss sounds like white noise of some kind.