Is anyone else suddenly experiencing dropouts and halts

Running latest Roon on ROCK on NUC. Hardwired ethernet to all endpoints save pads/phones. 200/200 FiOS and tests to nearly 300/300.

Mostly TIDAL but also local FLAC/ALAC files and live radio.

I will acknowledge that it seems worse with Tidal and I may need to look there too, but I am having Roon stop multiple times in a single song or movement, wait a moment or two and resume.

Oddly, at the same time I generally experience the following:

– piece does not pick up where it left off, but a few bars back
– remote may refresh or glitch
– at track’s end, Roon stalls (all the *** time)
– sometimes, when it stalls or halts, my NUC/ROCK’s fan rises and clearly the processor is doing a bunch of work. But on what?

Any idea what is going on? Any known bugs in the latest ROCK Roon build? Any way to verify it?

Any corroborating or clarifying data points would be useful.

Update: pinged Tidal several times and was ~ 10-12 mS, so OK.

See router info below. NOKIA beacon 3.

All internet working great so I rule out the network.


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Hey G, I expect the support team to ask for more information, specs on the Nuc and Router. It would be helpful to add that now and save some time later on.

Have not had any issues with the 710 update on my NUC/Rock server. Don’t recall seeing any posts related to 710. Seemed to be an uneventful update.

Not much to say. NUC quad core i5 per ROCK specs. 2 mostly empty SSDs. NOKIA beacon router. TrendNet 1G switches.


managed? Unmanaged?

switches are just off the Amazon shelf switches, like any others.

But let’s not start the blame game already. I’m asking if there is any evidence of a problem with the release or that the ROCK could have become corrupted with no indication. The management web screen says “OK”, but is it? With this appliance its very hard to know.

Is the Nokia a single or mesh setup? If mesh is the NUC wired to the primary router connected to the internet? Just trying to figure out the basics.

Well, I asked because Amazon does sell both type of TrendNet switches. :slightly_smiling_face:

Are you posting asking the general user base, or, are you wanting support to respond. If you want support to respond in a timely fashion, then, this thread should be in the Support section. I can move it there if you want.

Not to be rude, but I already stated up front that the NUC is hardwired via ethernet.

It is not running on Wifi.

So it is not using the Mesh. But yes, Beacons are a mesh. And I get > 270 mbps through that mesh from almost any point in the house.

This is also new behavior. And nothing is impacting streaming video, Zoom, Gotomeeting or any other real-time collaboration. (which I also stated up front).

But, to answer your direct question. I am not experiencing any dropouts or halts. I’m the US, East Coast.

As for my core, I’ve never had Tidal or Qobuz drop out or halt unless there was an issue with the services directly. I’m using FIOS 1 GB service, atm.

OK, so Tidal seems ok. Northeast is a big area - varies by carrier and peering points so carrier is a potential issue.

That said, my presence with questions here is w/r/t concern with potential ROCK corruption and how to identify, and if corrupt, fix it. This is the big mystery since ROCK is a closed appliance. My understanding is that it is self-healing with each upgrade. I may also need to check hardware, but again that’s nto so easy on a closed appliance.

The fact that you are not having Tidal issues suggests that Tidal is not the culprit (while we have different Roon systems we share the same Tidal service).



Would not be difficult to re-image your ROCK and restore from your last backup. If the problem returns, you could eliminate Roon OS corruption as a cause.

How do i do that? Imaging it in the first place was certainly not a simple job…is there a command to essentially re-write it rather than just update. Yes i have a backup of the config and meta data in dropbox.

if its a re-do of my initial setup that’s a task beyond my current available time.

Well, the hardest part of imaging the first time is getting BIOS configured properly (in part, due to out-of-date documentation). You won’t need any BIOS changes the 2nd time around.

Just download the latest ROCK image and flash it to a thumb drive (eg., using Etcher). Power on the NUC. At the prompt during boot, press F10 to open the boot menu and select the thumb drive. Then follow the prompts.

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It’s not a re-do of your initial setup. After it comes back, login using your Roon account, skip past any other prompts and go directly to “Backups” under “Settings” so that you can restore your backup. Your backup will have all of your zone settings, DSP selections, and preferences, etc.

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Hate to hint at bad news, but your description suggests a hardware issue, memory or system disk/SSD.

Thanks. I do recall the BIOS was the most difficult (or if not difficult, unfamiliar and therefore scary). I’d still hope that Roon has some way to ascertain if all is well…before i spend a lot of time fixing something that i have no concrete idea is broken…I must say i soured on ROCK a bit once reality hit. Its also less than flexible w/r/t using other (non supported) sources.

Yes…I was thinking the same thing just as you posted this.

i happen to agree. Trying not to lead the witness.

Yeah. So far, my favorite server for Core is Arch Linux. I’ve had good luck with Windows 10 Pro also, but the weekly reboots for updates are a little irritating, and performance suffers a bit relative to Linux.

You can re-install the RoonOS via the WebUI if you think that is the issue. I would suggest making a backup to a USB key (not dropbox) before anything.

Otherwise, you can boot the machine with an OS that allows you to do diagnostics. Like a Live Boot USB key (not the same key with the Roon Backup) with Linux or Windows, to run some diagnostics.