Is anyone else suddenly experiencing dropouts and halts

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How do i backup to the key…? if i go to settings in a roon client will it be obvious how i create the new backup location?

And for clarity, this only backs up my Roon database (my data, not the roon or ROCK software), correct?



If you plug a usb key into a Rock system it will be displayed as a drive under storage, be sure it is formatted as exfat, though.

When you go to settings backup, backup now, choose location, chose the USB drive and then backup.

Roon only backs up the database.

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Have you tried a full power off and on of the rock and network infrastructure?

Last night

oh of course. In fact, took it apart and seated all connectors too.
Not the main router; but since the network is behaving very well, i dont wish to disrupt other flows. I did cycle the local L2 switch

Great help here. Before i reinstall i plan to test another server just to see (a laptop).

Now one question for the assembled folks:

If i have a zone with 4 endpoints. And three of the 4 have upsampling being performed, i am assuming each must be an independent stream, so there is significantly more bandwidth used in a large group like mine. I wonder if that might have any impact. I may try using just one zone to see if there is a difference.


I would have done that too…Routing can sometimes get screwed up and often a router/modem restart can solve this. its a cheap fix and still worth a try.

One thing to note that pinging tidal is their web servers typically and not their streaming systems which are many and varied.

You may consider Windows 10 , if you are not a hater. That allows you to run other software on the NUC say for video

I have run Roon for nearly 5 years on Win 10 with no issues

Pull logs and try to identify from the logs if you have an issue. The logs can be “spotty” regarding their verbosity for things like a hardware fault but sometimes its obvious. As others said, it could be a hardware issue (failing disk; ROCK or music library). You can get logs following

Moving Core to another machine should eliminate hardware issues if that’s what it is unless it’s a hardware issue with your music storage. Then you’d be moving the issue to the new core.

I had a spinning disk fail a couple months back and had some of, and different, problems than what you describe.

Each zone gets their own “stream”. I believe, but have not verified, that Roon will upsample each stream independently. So, yes, if you’ve got 4 zones grouped and each one has an upsample/DSP operation then you’ll increase CPU and network bandwidth. I would not expect this to cause your set-up issues though (unless you’re trying to do DSD256 or something super intensive). Also, in my experience, Roon is not kind to grouped zones when one zone has an issue. All zones suffer stumbling and issues while Roon tries to get everyone to get back in sync. Your idea to try and ungroup to get things stable is a good one.

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Thanks ipeverywhere. A few replies:

  1. I’ll get the logs, when i have time to curl up and follow the instructions. Thank you very much.

  2. Agree with the grouped zones comment. I also have a small suspicion that it could be some zones/endpoints creating the problem. especially my much un-loved Amazon fire tab remote/bluetooth bridge. Its a POS.

  3. Cant be failing music storage since it (primarily) occurs with Tidal. Of course most of my music has become tidal ( having 70,000 albums is nice) Oddly, it occurs far less frequently with live radio…

  4. Shifting to a different computer is on my list and relatively easy. Only issue is positioning it. Laptop >>> bigger than NUC

I am so wishing i had put roon on a mac min rather than ROCK on a NUC. Not a windows hater but i don’t know it nearly as well as MacOS and o a degree UNIX/LINUX. While ROCK is Linux its a very limited install.

Thanks again. I will report back when i have found the issue(s).


FWIW, i often have a similar issue with Tidal when using CarPlay. playback stops after most tracks, and if playback does advance, cover art remains showing the previous track.

not the same environment of course, but the symptoms are similar. if you experience this with only local tracks playing, then please ignore my comment.


I had skips and halts today. Shut down the laptop running Roon, switched off the router, switched them on again and since then all is fine.

Whoops! I assumed the link would give me actual instructions. but i immediately see two problems:

  1. It says shut down Roon. Its ROCK. I can’t. if i do the server is also off which means no logs.

  2. I have no idea how to navigate files on a remote, headless, semi=-proprietary LINUX system. Suggestions?

(I am grinding my teeth that Roon has not already offered to remote in and look since they created this beast. Grrrrr.)

IN the meantime i have backed up to USB and may just re-install. I hope that truly is not a big deal - remember its ROCK, not Roon.



If you looked in the article the link (below) tells you how to access rock filesystem.

It’s been awhile since I used ROCK, but I think ROCK’s Web GUI allows one to shut down ROCK while leaving the machine running.

Roon software doesn’t have the capability to ‘remote in’.

Thanks GED. Missed that three times. Twice after you pointed it out.
Not exactly easy to see. They don’t mean “more info”; they mean “the info you came here looking for” :slight_smile:

Hopefully that will be sufficient.

We ALL miss stuff.

OK, stalled already.

Step #1: “using a windows machine” - not available. I have macs.

Step #2: " navigate to \ROCK\Data and use Guest as the username and password."

How do i connect in the first place? total mystery to me.


Checked. No. its all or nothing on shut down/restart.