Is anyone else suddenly experiencing dropouts and halts

I think you can.
Settings, setup, configure core, click on IP address, roon server software the button to the right has a drop down for stop.

possibly. Not the web GUI though. Anyway - i need to understand, step by step, how to get in via another machine, and it pretty much has ot be a mac. OK doing it via command line with precise command instructions.

G explains how to access the Roon OS data folders remotely, from macOS or Windows. I don’t run ROCK myself, but I run Linux servers for Roon Core with SMB shares that I access from macOS machines. The instructions seem straightforward.

Thank you. I will take a look.

It’s in the link I just highlighted! A little bit of self directed learning wouldn’t go amiss.

Yes in the web GUI.

On the webUI, there is a RoonServer section with a big blue button that says Restart, that button is also a drop down that gives the option to STOP the RoonServer. The OS will still be functional

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aha. More well written instructions. Once I read “using a windows computer” i skipped the rest.
I do see it.

Appreciate your following up.

This is so simple - access the storage remotely, which i do all the time.

Will get to this later.

Ok all. First a scond round of thanks.

I have the logs (all 145MB of them!) on my hard drive, and have created a zip file of the mass.

off topic but curious - why the instructions to shut down the server. I just copied while listening. no fuss, no muss.

Where do i send these?

I may hold off until i try a few things. for example, last night and this morning i restarted my ROCK core twice just so that it would run and journal changes-- hopefully eliminating any corruption or lost data from, say, power-loss offs.



Because the system is writing to the logs all the time, is my guess. Stop the server to stop the file being written to, to prevent a messed up file.

To whom do i send the files (logs)?

Question for @support

Just want to point out I’m having very similar problems, higher spec, new build ROCK.

Hi @Just_Me,

You can send us logs here:

First, please reproduce the issue and let us know what time you see the problem occur and what track you experience it with. Our team will then take a look at this instance in the logs and we’ll follow up with our feedback on what we are seeing.

Please note that the team’s queue is a bit longer than usual due to the holidays, but we’ll get back to you with feedback as soon as we can!

Dylan – Logs are uploaded.

I can’t reproduce it at will, and I can’t write down the times – when it misbehaves it is a constant, but random set of halts. Then typically it restarts – after a vary-ing length of time. Sometimes it simple stops and goes to “pause”, or stops, permanently at the end of a track rather than moving on to the next or to Roon radio. Backing up and restarting the track and it will continue.

I have vastly reduced the problem but can’ for suer say whether it was:

 Several controlled restarts, the intent being to fix any index corruption and journal correct data
 Restarted all routers (but they work great with much higher loads like video)
 Ungrouped my 4 zones so that
o Lower processor and network load on the ROCK
o Fewer endpoints to have issues. My Fire tab is a piece of crap and does cause some halts

On a related topic – if I want to cleanly reinstall is it as simple as re-installing from the web GUI and then restoring my settings/database (which is small) from my backup? No fuss, no muss?

TIA, have a great holiday. No rush and i’ll continue some experiments.


Different hardware but I’ve started having dropouts on devices wired and wireless since the last core update.

If you are experiencing these dropouts and are using either a DHCP address or a reserved IP address configured through the DHCP server interface on your router it would be worth trying with a fully static IP address.

So, I’ve always wanted to do this, but my cable provider (Comcast / Xfinity) doesn’t offer Static IPs unless I order business service, and I’m not doing that due to expense. Does it help to get anything else? I can’t imagine it helps, but like DDNS? Any other options?

I use static IP addresses with Xfinity. What I did was connect my own router via ethernet cable directly to the the Xfinity router and then set the Xfinity router to run in Bridge Mode. Once I did that, I could fully manage my local subnet using my own router which allows me to use static IP addresses, control device access via MAC addresses and more. The downside is you’ll have to give up using the Xfinity app, as it does nothing when you are in bridge mode.

Even more radically, ditch the can-of-worms Xfinity router, saving the rental fee, and get a compatible cable modem, I use this Very simple to set up, then plug in your own router.