Is Intel NUC 11 compatible with ROCK?

Does anyone know whether the latest Intel NUC 11 will work for Roon ROCK installation?

As mentioned in the Roon Help Center, for Roon ROCK to work the Devices must support Legacy Boot

For the NUC 11, during the BIOS setting / Boot Priority step, the UEFI Boot is activated/selected and greyed out and cannot be disabled, and there is not Legacy Boot option to select (please see attached photo).

Does it mean that the NUC 11 is not compatible for running Roon ROCK?

Does anyone has experienced installing Roon ROCK on a NUC 11 Gen?

Thank you.

Hello and welcome to the community.

The short answer is that the NUC 11 models will NOT work with ROCK at this time, because ROCK requires the legacy boot mode - and this does not exist on the 11th generation NUCs.

It’s possible that ROCK will be made compatible with the UEFI boot mode in the future, but this is not yet confirmed and no timescales for availability have been given.

Your only options currently are to install Windows or Linux on the NUC 11 and use these OSes to run a Roon Core.

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Thank you very much Geoff for your immediate help!

I assume you have already bought this?

If not the 10th generation work fine once you finally get the legacy mode enabled.
There is a thread that I took part in explaining the multiple steps to enable this, if it’s not too late for you.

Otherwise Geoff has you covered.

Thanks Michael.
Too bad I have already bought the NUC 11.
Will install Linux Ubuntu and Roon Core Server for the time being - until the next version of Roon ROCK is available for NUC Gen 11.
Hopefully, Roon Labs will make ROCK compatible with the NUC 11 very soon, which is unavoidable because it is even difficult to find a NUC 10 now!


Danny has been talking about it for a while, so lets hope so.
Ubuntu should work nicely and actually give you some additional flexibility if you want to run additional tools extension manager etc.
I have my old Gen 7 i5 NUC Core sitting here waiting for me to build and test another setup like Ubuntu or Audio Linux etc.
But generally Rock works so well I cannot bring myself to replace it.

Is there a better Linux distro to run Roon Core instead of Linuz Ubuntu?

I’m no expert in this area, but I’m sure you will get multiple responses to this question.
It’s as good a place as any to start and it’s well supported

Yes. I’m using Audio-Linux ( and IMHO is the best OS rather than ROCK, for using Roon Core. You can also use HQPlayer binded to Roon.