Is it safe to upgrade to IOS 11?

With the impending launch of the latest IOS operating system, is the collective view that one should be an early adopter or wait a bit to ensure everything is hunky dory?

any thoughts much appreciated



Installed the GM on my iPad last friday – Roon runs without a hitch.

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I’d say that it’s never safe to upgrade iOS!!! :wink:

I checked my iOS 10 devices today to make sure they were on the latest minor revision. Have been burned too often that I’ll probably leave them at iOS 10 unless there is compelling evidence that 11 is okay on both (6S+ and Air 2).


Well I have been on iPad Air 2 from the first Beta 11 thru to now and no issues at all for Roon Remote. Likewise for my iPod Touch also no issues with Roon

Thanks for the feedback

I will not delay my upgrade when the time comes


Good to know. It’s the other stuff really that bothers me. I am hyper-sensitive to any UI slow-down; I notice things that others don’t. The other thing is battery life; I’ve had a torrid time compared with iOS 9.

I do exactly the same; upgrade to the last minor version just before the next major release then let Apple fix all the issues over the next few months. Unfortunately, they cannot be trusted to not break their own devices or the apps these days.

The upwards swipe gesture has become very important as it brings up the dock but it’s VERY hard to use now as it will always mess up the track position…
This is an area that needs work


Have now installed the update, and on first sight it appears to be OK. I agree with Stevev1 about the dock function, but I don’t tend to fiddle with the track position very much so not a killer for me

The only Roon-related annoyance I’ve seen is that Discourse appears to have some caching issues with the new Safari, leading to longer load times when returning ‘latest’ list on these forums. :slight_smile:

Indeed. I have always felt (and commented here at least once!) that the track title and progress indicator should be swapped. Grabbing a device by that edge sometimes results in the track jumping forward, let alone the introduction of the dock.

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Agreed, this is a long-standing issue.

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Let someone else play guinea pig.

Usually, I wait for the .1 release, at least. The new OS changes the entire filesystem of the phone, so it’s far more difficult to revert if things go pear-shaped.

My iPad Pro running iOS 11 is working fine as a Roon remote, subject to the “upward swipe” issue mentioned above, which is now somewhat more of an issue because of the new iOS dock. Still, not a significant problem.

In more cursory testing, my iPhone 6s also seems to work okay, although I don’t use it as a remote all that frequently.

I use my iPhone regularly as a remote. I upgraded to iOS11 yesterday and so far it’s worked just fine. Just waiting for the bugs and flaws to show up.

I noticed that too. I wonder if the “scrub” feature could just be something one could deactivate in settings. In other words the track progress bar stays where it is, but swiping over it wouldn’t affect playback if this scrub capability was toggled to “off”. Subject to a feature update of course.

I have upgraded my iPhone 6S and 1st Gen iPad Pro to iOS 11 and have had no issues with Roon, it works perfectly for me.
Off topic I know, but iOS 11’s apps GUI’s look like they have been been designed by an 8 year old.

On my iPhone 7 Plus with iOS 11, the display looks like a webpage rather than the normal iOS view. Still works, but type and controls are small.

Hey Matthew,

A new build is available in the App Store with a fix for this. Update and rejoice. :slight_smile:

More info here: