Is Roon currently really compatible with Windows 10?

I have been struggling with Roon display on my main Windows 10 PC (Core) and Surface Book2 (remote) since weeks. I have posted a support request 13th of April. I had no news since 22 days.

I have tracks multiplication when deleting tracks, mouse acting like an eraser (on the Surface), tags not appearing when newly set.

This is always resolved when closing and restarting Roon, but not workable when doing heavy selection work. I am part of the users that want to leave Roon running 24/7 as a server.

Hence really my open (genuine) question: is the current version of Roon really compatible with Windows 10 (all up to date)?

Am I the only one struggling with Roon display as above?

In my support post I do mention another member having tracks multiplication…

I run it on a nuc with no issues on windows 10. Slower processor and less RAM as well.

I run core and remote on windows 10. I restart Roon on the core every few days as it gets really slow. But I dont have those issues. When it’s working, it is working.

My primary ‘remote’ is a Microsoft Surface Book 2 on Windows 10 Pro, (NUC as core). I don’t see these issues.
To me, these sound like multiple issues. The mouse eraser seems like some sort of graphics problem, while the duplicate tracks more of a database problem. It is bizarre.
Have you tried running the Surface Book 2 in different Scale and Layout settings? For example, I’m set at 225% scale and the recommended 3240 x 2160 screen resolution.

Edit: I’m not a ‘computer guy’, but this seems a little unusual: Roon core on C drive which is raid 1 array of two SSD 970 EVO NVMe M.2 of 1To.

I use Win 10 core, i7 , 250 SSD, 16 Gb RAM, loads of HDD . As remote I have a Sony VAIO laptop cum tablet , i5 , 8 gb RAM

Both have all updates I see no issues at all , Strange

One option is something odd running in the background ( mine doubles as my Dev PC with all sorts running, eg SQL Server etc)

Is there maybe a Windows update “waiting “ I find that disrupts

Another thought is Anti Virus? , I use bog std Defender

Graphics card drivers up to date ?

Hi @grossmsj,

Thanks for this.

On my Surface Book2 (13.5" screen) the recommended settings for display are 200% scale and 3000*2000 screen resolution. I did not touch that as they are the recommended settings from Microsoft.

Do you mean different display settings are recommended for Roon on the Surface products?

It’s worth a try. In the past, there were certain scale factors that just failed. I believe 150% was one of them. They may have fixed this with all their screen work, but maybe it’s a regression?
I’m thinking this might affect the mouse erase situation.
No idea what’s behind the triple listings. That sounds like it might be some flaw in your local cache. I have had to re-install my local Roon install (not the core). I couldn’t tell if that was part of your trouble-shooting or not.

Hi @Mike_O_Neill,

Thanks for this.

Windows update is up to date on each computer (automatic update settings and I have checked). It is proposing to move to the version 1909 of Windows though. I’ll wait from Roon support to do this.

I am using Windows Defender as anti-virus and Malwarebytes Premium against malwares.

Graphic card driver up to date on my Surface Book2. I have checked again just now.

There was an update waiting for my Nvidia card GTX970 on the main PC. Current was version 442.50 released on 24th of February 2020 and I have now installed the version 445.87 released 15th of April 2020.

Thanks @grossmsj,

I did a re-install on the Surface Book2 that did not resolved the issues, which are not systematic and hence difficult to track.

I have the 13.5" Book2 which has different resolution than yours which is 15" but I will give it a try at 225% scale.

My pc updated last night , i have yet to check, back later

Thanks @Mike_O_Neill,

I have prepared for a reinstall of Windows 10 on the Core PC (keeping personal files but deleting all softwares and preferences).

I will reinstall just the minimum and Roon to test in the coming days (weeks).

Thanks again for your help.

Sorry I didn’t get back , this lockdown keeps me soooo busy :heart_eyes:

I updated my Win 10 , Roon desktop seems fine but , I just sat down to listen to find my RPi / Riopee not working , not showing on the network. I have 3 streamers on the network, a Cambridge Audio CXN and a MyGica (Primarily for video) these both show

The RPi has a Allo Digione card and this does not show either in Roon or JRiver – peculiar

I can’t log into the Riopee instance at the moment .

I have rebooted the Core and the Rpi twice now , the RPi Ethernet light is blinking green

I’ll get to @spockfish see if he has any ideas.

Good luck @Mike_O_Neill, I don’t use RPi myself I am afraid.

It is early stage but the Windows 10 re-install seems beneficial to parts of my issues at least.

I did not reported, but I had slow connection through Android remotes, but not systematic, whilst it was always working with ios remote. Now seems all very fast with Android remotes and no delay in catching the Core when opening the app.

My gut feeling is that I had something damage at Windows 10 level of the software on my Core PC.

As mentioned by @grossmsj, the mouse eraser may be something else on my Surface Book2. @dylan has reached out to me on my initial support thread. Let’s see how it goes in the coming days.

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