Is Roon ok on iPadOS 14 and iOS 14

Roon working fine on my iPhone 6s with iOS 14. :+1:

Edit: Also working fine on iPad (7th gen).

Did you allow it to connect to your LAN when the message came up on first launch after the update?

Hi @Robert_Rayburn

As @Henry_McLeod noticed there is question that asks for permission to connect local network. That is new in iPadOS 14.

Open setting and find Roon and check that you have ”Local Network” selected.

iPad updated to iOS 14 today. Now it won’t connect to the Roon remote core. Roon under Windows 10 is still connecting.


Now it’s gone from bad to worse.

Roon on Windows 10 asked me to upgrade ROCK.

So ROCK is now…
Operating System - Version 1.0 (build 227) stable
Roon Server Software - Version 1.7 (build 610) stable

Now Roon on Windows 10 won’t connect. It shows me the CORE. When I click on Connect, it asks me to login.

I have two lifetime licences. No matter which one I try and use it says I’m already signed in. It gives me an option to Unauthorize the ROCK. I’m too scared to do that.

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Don’t panic, just unauthorize. You’ll be able to carry on. If you read the forums, you’ll see that this procedure is sometimes necessary after an upgrade - particularly for Cores running on a NAS.

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No, the remote on iPad pro 2018 both iOS 13 and 14, it´s crashing several times a day

I have a 2018 iPad Pro 11 inch and it works flawlessly with iOS14.2 !

My iPad Pro works fine with Roon and always has.
However, I sometimes have a few network problems. I just had to reboot my router and then my NUC with Rock installed, just to be able to listen to music. Via my iPad as a remote.
However, this is a network problem and not a problem with the iPad.

My experience is the same on the same device.

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When it´s works it works perfectly fine, but it crashes, does not crashes on the iphone

I am in the similar situation. It doesn’t work on my iPad just updated to iPadOS 14. No problem with my wife’s iPad still working with iPadOS 13.

In my case the issue is long gone nowe. Working well on all the devices for the last two weeks.

Since iPad update to 14.01 my roon core is no longer visible. When opening Roon it keeps coming back to the page Choose your Roon Core…

Has Roon been given permission to access your network? A new requirement on iPadOS 14

I read that there is supposed to be a permission to local network box to be checked during first startup. However i never had this so how do i set this afterwards? I’m not an apple user, just have the ipad for Roon…

Hi @Sander_van_der_Wel

Open iPad settings, find Roon and select Local Network.

Tried this but when i open settings, Roon is not visible. Most of the others apps are but Roon is not. So i reinstalled it but still nothing within settings…

That is strange, Roon (and other apps) should be listed in iPad Settings. They are last section in left side of settings after iPad default settings like Notifications, Sounds, General… Roon should be near bottom as they are ordered alphabetically.

Try uninstalling the Roon app, rebooting the iPhone, and then reinstall the Roon app.