Is Roon slowly “dying”?

No surprise to me. Sony was lost a lot of business due to business practices like I had with them.

Loved the Paw Masher but not sure it’s place now…

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What was that?

The original UI interface to play an album/track/artists etc… Was retired for the current play UI system. I probably have a screen shot somewhere.

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It was an action screen that came up after you hit Play, asking you what you wanted to do (play now, add to queue etc). It was replaced with the ability to select the default action when you hit Play in settings, and the small drop down beside the Play button that offered the same options:


I have a Devialet 220 Pro and it works great with Roon. Personally, I have had issues with the Ethernet connection to the Devialet (see this thread) so I use WiFi and it works just fine, with agreeable SQ.

I just listened to a few minutes of Apple Music, Amazon HD, and Tidal streaming through my Apple TV 4K. That’s enough to reinforce the value of Roon, at least for those of us who don’t own a high resolution streaming device.

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Didn’t know there was a specific exit plan. Wonder what the timescale is. As a lifetime member, the longer till exit the better! Can I suggest you obtain exit advice from the British Parliament? :laughing:


Bob Marley is smiling at this…

I would be happy if Team Roon would just fix the Radio. I am so tired of music playing that I have marked as Dislike (circle with a slash through it) and the Radio flat out ignores my preference. Today, I left Radio playing all day and not only did it play music I have marked as dislike, it played some of them twice! Even after I hurriedly skipped them the first time through. What’s the point of marking them if they are ignored?

To the point of this thread… What is Team Roon doing? Why can’t we have more frequent Agile updates?


If you want a hint of what Team Roon is “focused” on read their job postings. Unfortunately the one and only position posted references the first half of 2019.

Here’s the post:

Software Developer

The Role

Roon Labs is looking to hire several software developers during the first half of 2019.

Experience with our technology stack is a plus, but we place more value on the breadth of technologies you’ve worked with in the past. It is important that you are comfortable and experienced working in a large pre-existing codebase and with a variety of languages, toolkits, and technologies, picking up new skills and expertise as needed.

Possible Areas of Focus

This role is open to all generalist developers who can comfortably work on all areas of our systems and get stuff done.

We are also interested in growing the team in a few specific directions. These are some possible areas of focus, based on the work we have coming up. Experience relevant to these areas is a bonus, and if any of this resonates with you please let us know.

Mobile Applications

Our mobile applications share one UI codebase across platforms–so this isn’t about building screens. There is some technical debt in our mobile infrastructure, and some expected product touch points are missing or not done well. Furthermore, as we expand the scope of our mobile apps to include streaming/playback away from the home system, there will be a lot of under-the-hood work required to make a lot more of our code run (and perform) on tablets and phones.

Machine Learning

A few months ago, we launched Roon Radio, our first machine-learning feature. We have a healthy roadmap planned for future features that incorporate machine learning, and could use some help making these plans a reality. This work would encompass everything from data acquisition/warehousing, batch processing, learning/training steps, and surfacing the results via cloud services, dashboards, or our client applications. In parallel, we are working on ETL and Analytics systems for the rest of the company.

Devops/Cloud Services

We recently moved our cloud operations to a new provider and containerized everything. While things are up and running, there are definitely some aspects that require shoring up and long term ownership, and we still have some rough patches in the system that we are slowly moving through. Adding fresh perspective, experience, and ownership in this area would be a great help to us.

“End-to-end” Project Ownership

If Roon were a web based product, we’d call this “full stack development”. We are always at work implementing new features or integrating with other products. This generally involves work in several layers–cloud services, the media server, and the user interface. We’re looking for developers that can handle the detailed aspects of projects like this without losing sight of the larger goal.


I had a problem with Roon and networking too.
I am an IT professional and in my house I have a not so standard network setup and I think Roon works best in the most simple network. One switch for Roon core and NAS connectivity. One access point for Roon remote devices and keep it that way.
I have 3 smart switches all connected to a core router via LACP bonding trunks (2*1Gb) to the core router and 2 access points connected to 2 different switches.
I am using some VLANs but everything Roon are on the same.
My problem was when my phone/iPad was roaming to the other AP and I lost connectivity. I found out that it had to do something with broadcast traffic on the AP.
The solution was in the end quite simple.
Give Roon (I am using ROCK) a fixed IP address and when a device cannot find Roon click on help and enter the IP address of Roon manually.
Now the Roon app on your phone tries to find it using a broadcast/discovery protocol but cannot find it. After 5 secs it will fall back to the manually set IP and it finds Roon.
So the more complex your network is, the more trouble you get because of those stupid broadcast/ discovery protocols being used

Wow. You are calling out Roon for doing something completely standard because your overly complex home network is not configured to handle it?

Thanks for your reply but this is all not the case in my situation. I have a core PC running Windows 10, internal storage and direct connected USB dac. I have no NAS. My network consist of three Asus routers in a Mesh setup. My Windows PC is the only thing that has a wired connection. There are no switches anywhere except for the ones built in to the routers. Even when I connect the core to one router only (no mesh) with only the core PC connected with static IP and only one android device, one meter from the wifi atenna, no go. Not with three different routers. Not when I switch core to my macbook or mac mini. Not with any android device. Ipad works, macbook works, windows laptop works. Remote desktop works like a charm, streaming video back and forth works perfectly, videocalling perfect, Tidal, Deezer, Spotify, netflix, Plex all without any glitch but no Roon. Never worked. How simple does my network have to be to make it work? I have stopped trying long time ago.


Have you tried turning off the “Airtime Fairness” feature in your ASUS routers?

Ehmmm I think you are missing the point. I want to try to give people a direction to look into because 9/10 it is network setup related.
I am saying that Roon is trusting too much (like a lot of other software) on broadcasting protocols like mDNS and Bonjour. I get it because of the auto discovery features of applications and the more PnP experience.
I really like that I can specify the Roon control app to look at an IP address I enter manually. It solved my problem hopping from one AP to the other.
Roon also states it does not support any kind of complex enterprise infrastructures and I am not blaming them.

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Yes, already tried that, amongst many other things. It doesn’t help.

I use windows remote desktop on my android devices and on my Ipad to connect to Roon, works many times faster then Roon itself. My Ipad almost instantly connects with remote desktop. Roon takes ages to connect on startup and after the Ipad went into standby which is pretty annoying. I have spent way too much time looking at the Roon fish logo when I just wanted to see what was playing and the now playing screen is simply unreadable from more than two meter distance. Works instantly with remote desktop, no lag at all. But all of thos is off topic. Like I said, I have given up on Roon on android long time ago.


Ahhh, I yearn for the days when it was Sony Superscope. They sent me a replacement part for my Reel to Reel deck at no charge, even the warranty ended several years earlier. Today’s Sony?? Yeah, right.

You have searched the Forum for “Remote Desktop”, right? It is known to be a problem for Roon.
Teamviewer seems to be a somewhat equivalent program that doesn’t fight for drivers.