Devialet Expert Pro 440 drop-out during Ronn Ready (RAAT) transmission

Hello, since two months I am owner of a Devialet 440 Pro. Since 4 weeks I run the Roon Core on a WIN 10 PC. This PC is only for ROON and sufficiently dimensioned.

At the moment I try out different transfer types and try to find the best settings for myself. ASIO works great as well as My Devialet ETH.

With Roon Ready I have 24 Bit, 96 KHZ problems. There are often interruptions that sometimes last up to 8 seconds.

Do you have a hint which setting I have to change to stop the dropouts?

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The problem is on Devialet’s end. Many owners are awaiting a fix, there is nothing you can do at this point.

That said if you want a work around, try wireless or putting a 100mbps network switch between the Devialet and the rest of your network gear. The problem is in the gigabit ethernet implementation of the Devialet and shows with the heavier network traffic Roon’s RAAT creates.

OK and thanks for the quick answer.

Is there already a date from Devialet when the update will be available?

No. Knowing Devialet, you are looking at months if not years.

@Bladerunner_08 you can try using Devialet AIR with Roon, which I understand has a lower data rate, or RAAT via WiFi or wired 100Mbps. Otherwise, we’re waiting for an update from Devialet.


at the moment I use Devialet AIR with Roon and it works perfectly.
What is the difference between RAAT and Devialet AIR?
Is this just a difference in the protocol used or does it have any effect on the sound?

For your reading pleasure:

Great. RAAT allows zone grouping, and perhaps some other proprietary advantages. Devialet AIR also sounds very good, and it works! I’ve done several A/B tests, and if there is a sonic difference, its minimal.

Please open a ticket with Devialet support, because the more people who report this issue, the more chance it has of being fixed. It apparently is NOT a Roon issue.

Done …. I created a request. Now I have to wait

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