Is there a list of all the Roon symbols and what they mean?

Is there a picture list of all the Roon symbols followed by what what they mean and how they function?



Did you mean these?

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Yes, and everything else, but with an explanation of what they mean. For instance, I can not find which icon is the repeat/replay icon for an entire album?

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To answer this specific question -

Go to queue page, the repeat/replay icon is the 2 arrows pointing to each other in a circle. The 2 crossed arrows is the icon for shuffling the queue.

Thanks Sam. I thought so but when I press that repeat icon, only a song gets repeated. I want the entire album to be repeated continuously. What do I press for that?

Never used repeat before, so I just checked it out. It will repeat what’s in the queue at the time you click on it. To stop repeat you have to de-select icon. Just like shuffle.

Fixed it for you :grinning: The played items in the queue are still present if you scroll up the queue…

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It would still be great if there was a page list that we can go to that will show all of the icons, what they mean, and explain what happens when you toggle them off/on or press them twice, etc.


I agree that this would be useful. Why not rephrase this as a feature request, and post it in the Feature Request forum?

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Hi did you manage to get an answer about a list of the icon/symbols and their descriptions
I’m straggling in looking for it: for example the ckeck and the triangle symbols in the list of tracks …

I don’t think there’s a complete list, but I can answer your couple of queries…
The “check” marks are picks, see this FAQ
The “triangles” are examples of one-click play actions. There does not appear to be an official description of how these work, but @greg has written a useful post here

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Thanks Brian!
I fully understood the meaning of the ckeck, but I still have some issues with the triangle…
From the immage I understood the meaning of the triangle on the left (if you click it then a window pops up with the multi options for playing the track), but my doubt is about the trangle on the right of the title, that is followd by a number (if 0 the track looks not availble for being played)

It’s the number of times the track has been played in your Roon library… It also has a tool-tip: put the mouse cursor onto it, and a message will pop-up telling you when the track was last played (if it’s not 0).

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Not quite, if you click that triangle, you should immediately activate whatever option is your default.

Not on my tablet. Keyboard only?

may be not if a default is not set then the window gets popped up…
anyway any idea on the traingle on the right of the tigle with the number?

Yes, needs a mouse. Tooltips don’t exist for touchscreens.

I told you what it was a few messages earlier - look upwards in the thread…

yep sorry I missed it before …

Default is always the top option