Is there a way to favourite a record label?

It’s one of my most used features in Rdio and I would love to see it come to Roon/Tidal.


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Labels aren’t very rich in the Roon data model.

Tell us how you use labels, and what your ideal label supporting product would be… I’ve always felt we had a gap here, but I never understood how people use labels.

Hi @danny - labels are really important, especially when you are into genres outside of the mainstream. You really build up loyalty to the label roster and want to keep checking back to see what new artists/releases they are putting out. Or you want to explore the archives of the big name labels like Blue Note or RCA Red Seal, etc.

  1. You can already hyperlink labels in Roon so that’s a good start but getting Tidal to follow suit and view all from within Roon is the first request.
  2. Same goes for putting the label on shuffle.
  3. Favourite the label.
  4. Nice to have - get notified of all new releases on that label.
  5. See similar labels in that genre. E.g. if you’re listening to the Trojan label then your going to enjoy Greensleeves too. If you love the old Warp Records releases then check out Hyperdub. etc.

Basically, it’s about making my life easier so I don’t have to cross-reference data outside of Roon to listen to the music I love! :smile:

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Hi - I would still love to click on a record label from Credits in my collection and for the results to extend to Tidal. Any chance that’s coming down the pipeline?

Thanks, Gus


Here are a few examples:

  • I am a big fan of the ECM label. In JRiver I have a playlist for all ECM titles in my collection. I also would like to organize my ECM titles by genre (Jazz, Classical, World, etc.), or by year
  • Certain labels, like Blue Note, Verve, have series, like RVG Remasters, Verve Elite, etc. I would like to create playlists for these series within a label

I would also like to organize albums by recording engineer. For example, I am a big fan of recordings by Tony Faulkner and Philip Siney. I would like to be able to create playlists by engineer. I know AMG stores this type of data.


+1 for better label integration ! I like to browse my collection by labels. I know I can use the Focus tool with labels (and bookmark the results), but a better integration in Roon would be really cool.

My personnal wishlist:

  1. A dedicated label view, similar to artist and genre views.
    This view could include a description of the label and could list artists, albums and genres associated with the label.

  2. When viewing a specific album, I would like to see the label associated with the original release of the album (without going to album credits). The label could also be indicated when viewing album thumbnails, just below the year.

Exactly ! For example, I have a huge collection of metal music and when I see the Hydra Head or Southern Lord labels, it gives me a pretty good idea of the sound/genre/context of associated albums.

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Just came across this thread. I have an interest in a few record labels such as A&m and Elenco and would love to see better support for browsing by record label to perhaps discover albums or artists that I may have missed.

I agree that record labels usually have a sort of “house sound” and so knowing the label can give you a good idea of whether or not something might appeal to you, particularly when combined with a year focus.

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  • Labels are often aesthetically unified. And unified in time, location, etc. This makes for a useful way to focus.
  • Labels can in themselves be culturally important, when they are long lasting and have exerted an influence. (Obviously this effect is diluted with sale of labels into big multi-nationals, but that doesn’t happen all the time, and less so in classical for example.)
  • Labels can also often serve to define an artist’s periods. For example Monk’s recordings for Blue Note, Riverside, Prestige, Columbia etc.

I’d certainly welcome better use of labels in Roon. It’s information that I constantly miss, having moved from Sooloos 2.1 where it was displayed without having to burrow.


I concur! I asked Tidal to do this 2 years ago! This would be a huge option to have and I think it’s a must for any audiophile who wants to show off the FIM labels with 32bit mapping. Or the guys like me who like ECM artist such as PM which Tidal will not offer right now.

Are the labels not in the database somewhere? If so it would be nice for an “if then” statement or call when searching or sorting my label. I like this feature at HD Tracks and Acoustic Sounds. I know there’s a ton of Blue Note albums on Tidal but there needs a way to seen them all and save them to a playlist or tag.


In the past and the present, many times Artists move to Labels for CREATIVE reasons [of course money is a factor, but not always the most important one]

With the net result that many times an Artist’s Creative peak would have been at one of the 5 different labels he worked with…or alternatively, one can easily see a certain creative trend when an Artist was working at a certain label versus another

Which is why many listeners and Monk fans can easily distinguish between his Riverside and Columbia periods…and likewise with Coltrane, Davis etc., etc. [quote=“danny, post:2, topic:2962”]
I never understood how people use labels.

and to answer Danny’s question above, that’s just one of the examples of how users use Labels to “filter” their listening


I’m thrilled, and not surprised, to see this thread requesting better handling of labels in Roons metadata. For me, looking for unknown releases from labels I love is one of my primary methods of music discovery. I love Roon, and the ability to search by labels is probably the most significant missing feature for me.

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sidebar -> albums -> focus -> labels -> click on labels and/or filter by text

I’d love to make a label be a toplevel browsable item, but we lack data to make it interesting… i’ve never seen a source of metadata that reviews/writes-about/contains-info-about labels.

That’s exactly what I would love to see.

This is important. Roon is often limited by the metadata available. There’s no point in designing features which can’t be populated by the metadata that exists currently in the world.

That’s no excuse for not displaying label in the Album Details screen though…


you mean more prominently than in credits?

the other problem we have with label data is that its very hard to know which label actually released the disc you are looking at, so we end up combining them all and you get a ridiculous list sometimes.

Yes, on the initial Album Details screen like in Sooloos. I miss it even now. It somehow anonymises the album. It stops being tied to the time and place quite so much.

Have a setting for Primary Label, chose one at random, make it editable: that way you’re covered.


I like that idea a lot.

This !

Original release date and original/primary label would go well together.

For label metadata, rateyourmusic/sonemic have quite a lot of info (ex. Not sure if it would be enough for Roon’s needs tough…

I’d be less concerned about having a write up about a label than being able to browse by label as a top level structure and then being able to filter by genre and/or timeline within that, and enjoy the same utility as offered by the artist and genre top level views. The use cases in this thread are to me pretty compelling.