Is there any interest in a music files backup solution?

Yes, 100% interest

I’d definitely be interested in a cloud backup for my music files. But it shouldn’t be expensive, I’m not sure what’s fair. $3,- to $5,- a month for my 2TB of music files?

Yes, it was mainly a “is there any interest in this” type of thread.

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The music backup question has been discussed in a number of threads. For Nucleus and ROCK users, most people recommend that you use another computer and specialist backup software, and keep multiple backups of your music, preferably with an offsite backup and/or cloud backup service as well.

My solution involves an old Mac mini running an overnight copy of my entire ROCK music storage to hard drive (3.4TB) overnight, and making a separate (versioned) backup to disc using Time Machine. The offsite backup is also automatic and versioned, using Backblaze. Every so often, I do a partial restore to test each backup solution (or because I accidentally deleted an album during one of my periodic cleanups). I am super paranoid about losing music given the effort of ripping, hence the multiple backups.

If Roon provides a better solution, then that would be fantastic, but in the meantime I would strongly recommend you implement some basic backup routines, just in case. Unfortunately, all drives do eventually fail.

If cloud backup made, syncing between difference core should be possible.

I have cronjob running on a server that uses rclone to sync to Backblaze. I’d love to not have to manage that if Roon could do it.

At present my Core is on an iMac and I also have music files on the iMac which are visible in Roon alongside streaming.

If I bought a Roon Nucleus and used that as my Core and put music files on the Nucleus how would I back up those files?

The reason I’m asking is that with the arrival of Arc, I’m likely to want to use Roon whilst away and I don’t want to leave my iMac on while I’m away. With a Nucleus I could happily leave that on 24/7.

At present you would have to use a 3-party solution running on a PC, Mac, or NAS to backup your music files. Have a look through the forum - there are plenty of solutions being used in the community…

I bought a NUC, installed headless ubuntu, installed roon server, and installed dropbox.

I have a 2TB dropbox plan, where the only things in the dropbox folder is my music, works flawlessly

Thanks for your response. I’m not sure I want to get involved with a third party app. Ideally I’d like to be able to simply instruct Roon to back up media files to my iMac automatically. From my iMac they would also be backed up with all other stuff on the iMac to iCloud. If Roon can’t do this I think I’ll forget about a Nucleus and carry on with using my iMac as the core. @support

I’m old. I don’t want the cloud. I don’t stream. I backup locally to spinners that I only use for backup. If Roon had a backup routine using local drives that’d be cool, but if not then I’ll just keep using the functionality of my server.

Of course local backup does not protect against certain kinds of disasters.

Haha, true, but if my house burns down I will have bigger things to worry about than my music library. :slight_smile:

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Also burglary. Sure you have bigger worries then, but why add losing the work of much of my free time of one year or more that I spent on ripping and grooming my library