Is There Any Update on Roon Showing Metadata for Internet Radio such as Radio Paradise?

I did a search (really) and found this post from nearly 18 months ago, but it’s now closed.

Is there any further developments on this issue? The lack of metadata on Paradise Radio streams is the biggest – in fact, only – serious negative about Roon for me.

Radio paradise metadata is available if you choose the right stream. See

Essentially, chose streams ending in -flacm

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I managed to get the metadata FLAC streams, but it involved more than you indicated.

First, it appears you need to have a complete URL, including the HTTP:// bit. I might be wrong about that, but Roon didn’t find any streams unless I added it.

But even after manually and successfully adding those streams, I wasn’t getting metadata. It turns out I needed to go the Roon “home page” for each RP stream and select the metadata stream as the default stream.

I needed to do that for each of the four RP streams.

Hope this helps out someone else…

I don’t follow you here. If you go to the Radio Paradise streams in the main Live Radio database, the streams are all there. Just play the one you want (and set it as default)

Pretty sure the metadata versions of the RP streams weren’t accessible from Roon until I manually added them. Then, I needed to select them as my defaults.

Not a big deal. I could be wrong about the m versions of the streams not showing up previously. But this is an issue that has bugged for a couple months, and I’m sure I checked there for other options with metadata.

Anyway, I’m good now. All’s well that ends well…

Ok, but I’m still confused… This is what I see for the main Paradise station in the database

All streams are there.

Indeed. Enjoy the music.

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