Radio Paradise metadata

Can we please have the metadata displayed for Radio Paradise (currently playing song information). It is available, Volumio has it. Also, the ability to add the current track to library or to a playlist would be great!

Thank you!

It displays on non-flac streams.

From RP’s website
These [flac] links currently do not currently include stream metadata (song title info). Not our choice. We would if we could.

And we would If we could. At present we take straight streams, Volumio have a special plugin; we would need something similar. Perhaps a one-off just for RP.

Nevertheless, a reasonable feature request (that’s just from me, not Roon!)

How come Volumio displays the info on FLAC stream?

Is this limited to their own plugins and not available as a public API?

@BrianW said above.
Volumio have a special plugin

Oh, yes, correct, I apologize, missed that.