Is there any way to delete (not just disable) devices in Setting>Audio?

Is there any way to delete or hide—as opposed to simply disabling—devices in Audio settings? There’s a lot of junk and duplication. For example, there are 6 HDA Intel PCH devices “connected directly to” Core (Nuc) which will never be used, as well as duplication of several Sonos devices and arrangements. It’s also showing a Google mesh wifi point “via Chromecast streaming” which is just a wifi point in a room. I think that Google device has a speaker in it, but it isn’t now being used for anything and it never will be…

I’d like to clean things up, so when I show my family how this all works there is less junk in the trunk to confuse anyone.

No, since the devices are present on your Roon Core. Since they are disabled and shown in Settings only they do not affect Zones available to use, that is you won’t see them or be able to use them.

Your family does not need to use Settings to enjoy Roon.

The only way that I’ve found of removing audio points is in the audio device itself. Once it’s there, Roon Core will pick it up.

In terms of simplifying things for your family, if you disable audio points and tell your family to ignore all of those ones that might help.

Thanks. Family will do what they’re gonna do. I suppose parental controls in Roon would fix it but that’s not happening anytime soon so not holding breath.

I figured that was the answer about the stuff on the NUC. But what about the mesh devices? I actually have two mesh extenders. Same device. Same model. Same network. But only one of them shows up in Roon. And the one that does show up…with a chromecast description? I don’t have any chromecast devices connected anywhere in the house.

And the redundant Sonos devices are not duplicated in the Sonos app itself, so I have no clue where they’re even coming from. Roon seems to be “seeing” things that I can’t locate anywhere but in Roon.

And there are 5 “devices” with the identical IP address. I think this occurs when something is renamed. It doesn’t rename, it seems to create a new one, using same IP address with a new name.

Some screen shots of what you are seeing might help

Gladly. Note the 5 devices with IP address, and 4 with This is all legacy from when I was setting things up and playing around with stuff. Also much seems to be Airplay stuff. Again from various troubleshooting I have done.

Perhaps you should restart your network as it seems to be cacheing things perhaps as well as the NUC.

The 6 HDA Intel PCH devices are always there under Connected to Core as would be any USB connected Devices. Everything else is provided from the router as network connected devices. If the router reports it Roon will display it. At least that is the way I understand it.

Do they check oil and water levels when they use your car? :slight_smile: This is all “under the bonnet [hood]” stuff.

The Nest Wi-Fi point has a speaker and this is Chromecast enabaled. THat’s why you’re seeing this. The other duplicates are the same device on different protocols, i.e. AirPlay and Sonos Streaming or where the Nest is advertising the device under a different name.

Since they are not enabled this doesn’t present an issue; they are all legimate devices and you choose what ones are available to Roon in the Settings. Only those enabled will be listed under the Zone icon.

What’s “oil and water?” :wink:

Okay. So thanks all. I’ve gone thru and cleaned out the junk. A lot was cached as suspected, and it took a few renamings, reloading, and reboots to streamline.


Hello @dcw96161, glad to see you got some help here! Please let us know if you have any further issues.

Disabling some devices like the audio ports in the bios is one option you could explore for the core machine. Of course disabling HDMI might be more drama than its worth.

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