Is there some trick to getting a track to show up as a composition under an artist

This is regarding non classical works/compositions. Here’s a (verbose) set of facts and events to describe my problem.

  1. After identifying an album, an alternate version (Demo/Acoustic/etc) of a track goes unmatched.
  2. The “base” track has a composer assigned, and shows up under Compositions when navigating to that artist.
  3. This composer has an unambiguous name, and there’s no risk of getting them confused with another composer.
  4. I add a composer credit to the unmatched track, the same as the matched track. Again, the name is unambiguous and is the only option on the list when I type in the name.
  5. Clicking the composer credit on either track navigates to the exact same artist page.
  6. I go to the artist’s Compositions tab, and my unmatched track is nowhere to be found so I cannot merge it with the base track.

This is my experience more than half the time and I cannot figure out what rhyme or reason would cause some tracks to show up on the list and others not.

If I understand you correctly, the answer is no and you seem to be experiencing the issue that was recently mentioned here

but many times before such as here

or here