Is this all I need for hardware/software for a hifiberry endpoint?

Or do I need Roon bridge too? Thinking of building a Rpi with a hifiberry digiplus pro, and a rpi 3 board

this includes a power supply. I would also buy a 16gb sd card.

Would this do it?

Thanks from the noob!

Yes, this plus the SD card is all you need. Don’t forget you’ll need a couple of RCA cables too.

Thanks @Martin_Webster! I was planning to use digital coax, to go straight into my Yamaha AVR, which has a nice ESS Sabre DAC. So, a good coax cable will be all I need, right? Mostly concerned with whether I need to install any software than the hifiberry download. The hifiberry site link suggests that Roon will find the endpoint with their software installed. Right?

Not quite sure what your question is. RoonBridge is a piece of software that runs on your Raspberry Pi and turns it into a Roon Endpoint. Some Linux distros for the Raspberry Pi come with RoonBridge pre-installed. For others, you’d need to install it after-the-fact. The link you gave provides detailed instructions for installing RoonBridge on HifiBerryOS (a particular Linux distro that does not have it pre-installed).

The procedure for installing it is pretty much the same, whichever Linux distro you choose.

You need a digital, not analogue out board then.
Also ropieee is the easiest software to run for a roon pi end point.

@ged_hickman1 Right, the digiplus pro is on the list. Do you suggest Ropieee INSTEAD of the hifiberry OS?

@Jacques_Distler These pages suggest that all you need to do is install hifiberry software:

So, a bit confused. I already have the Roon core running on a rock and control on my imac. Do I need the bridge too? OR does hifiberry OS include what I need for Roon to see it?

Thanks guys!

If you’re going for the Digi+ then you’ll need a coax cable not RCA. I agree with @ged_hickman1 that Ropieee is the best option for the majority of Roon users.


@Martin_Webster Yes, agreed. I was going to get the amazon one:

So: with that cable, these are the parts I would use:

Then I would on everyone’s suggestion, install Ropieee on the sd card.

Good to go??

Maybe a case to put it in.

Yes, good to go.

If you need a case, this is the one …

I selected this case; thought it looked cool and you could see the LEDs:

Can you simply plug a Dragonfly Cobalt into a Raspberry Pi for a headphone Roon endpoint?

@Jim_F Not sure; I’m not looking to use headphones for my endpoint. I’m just trying to build an endpoint for my Yamaha RX-V2085 to work with …

I was asking the question for me.

@Jim_F I think this may be useful?

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I have done 3 similar builds over the last year. I installed Ropieee on all 3 and found it to be fairly straightforward. You will need a program such as etcher to flash the micro SDHC card with the ropieee software. If all you are using is roon, the RoPieee will be sufficient but if you occasionally stream spotify or others, the XL version is best. both are similar setup. Good Luck.

@Steven_Mize Thanks! so do these components look ok? Just want to make sure that I won’t be banging my head on a weekend because I forgot a part! :slight_smile:

Just make sure you have an SD card reader at hand to or you won’t be able to flash the card with the OS.

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@Simon_Arnold3 Yup, have one for my mac

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I used the same kit except mine was a Pi 3 B+. the only difference I can see between the two is a slightly more powerful processor. The case makes things look tidy. But yeah, I think you have everything covered.