Is this all I need for hardware/software for a hifiberry endpoint?


I built a web page to display stats about my Pis, and I included links to reboot or restart the extension (back when there were Roon issues with grouped zones). And, I have a bash script to reboot everything when I am away so I can take advantage of Harry’s updates.

But, like you, I haven’t broken anything just pulling the cable, so to speak.

XL is not Roon only!

Right. I might install XL so I can airplay Apple Music if I ever want to, although I don’t know why I would.

Henry you are out of context…I’ve been using ropieee since day one and run XL on all my 10+ pi’s I know full well what XL does and if you check it was an appropriate comment based on James question.

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Sorry, it can be read both ways but context is with you. Aplologies.

Chuffed to say that I built it yesterday. Easy to construct and add software. Worked perfectly.


All good…XL is a great option if you need a bit more than just Roon Bridge. There are many ways to get other things like DLNA/Airplay and Spotify and even just Roon Bridge on both OS builds, but RopieeeXL and plain Ropieee are the easiest respectively. Unless you have some unique requirements.

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I use five different hifiberry systems for outdoor audio … you need a case and I use an amazon ups for each device … then use the hifiberry image and it’s very easy ( sd card formatter and balena etcher)

Did you ever get a good answer on RoPieee vs HifiBerryOS? I have a Digi+ Pro arriving in a couple of days and I think I need to pick one or the other.

Happily using Ropieee.

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Me too. Works great.

HiFiBerry arrived yesterday, went with RoPieee — sounds great.

Bought that one, but it’s for Rpi3 and I have Rpi4. Board layouts are completely different. No Rpi4 cases from what I can find on Amazon, so I returned it and ordered direct from HiFiBerry in Switzerland.

For those people in North America, you can also find Pi 4 cases that will work with some HATs at

No affiliation, but I have bought most of my Pi related gear from them.

I beg to differ regarding Ropieee - I used both Ropieee and Hifiberrry OS.

If you have hifiberry HAT’s I highly recommend using hifiberry OS. It has Airplay, Spotify, DLNA, and a few other protocols out of the box - you can disable those you don’t need.
For me Ropiee’s implementation of Airplay never worked properly, hifiberry OS worked perfectly out of the box. If you want a remote they have an extremely convenient and cheap RF remote that also works out of the box, no setup required. Since it uses RF instead of IR you can hide the device and the remote will work without a direct line of sight to the player.
Added bonus - hifiberry OS has a web interface that also works out of the box without any setup required and it actually looks great.

I have no affiliation I just think the product is great.

Add images

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All true but if you just want roon then none of them really apply :slight_smile:

True - however I am still not sure what would be the advantage of Ropieee over hifiberry OS even if you only want Roon.

Hmm, reading the HiFi Berry blog, it doesn’t seem like the OS is RoonReady.

Can one install RoonBridge on it?

No config, single purpose. Instant, or near enough, support.

I’m running a Pi4DAC+ combo as a Roon endpoint as I type this.