Is this normal? Roon Qobuz favourites do not show in Qobuz only favourites

Let me try and explain my question…lol.

When using the Qobuz app for example and I add albums to MyQobuz they also get added to my Roon library which is great.

However when using Roon and I add albums to my library which are from Qobuz they do NOT get added back to my Qobuz only favourites list.

Why would I care about this? Because I travel for work a lot so usually streaming Qobuz to whatever rental car stereo I have and to not have a lot of the albums available that I added via Roon is pretty annoying tbh.

Is there a setting for this or any way to “export” my Roon Qobuz albums to my Qobuz only favourites?
Hope I explained that well enough, if not I am sure you will let me know!
Thanks and stay safe.

Hi @kevin_raynard, I suspect you may have mis-explained your issue in the text.

My belief is that when you add a Qobuz album to your library it shows in your favorites. Roon favorites are handled differently, and that’s what you mention in your post title. Reading the 10 posts or so below this one: Can't play next track? Atrociously counter-intuitive - no, thanks might clear things up for you.

What I meant was I wished it was a two way thing.
Adding albums via Qobuz app adds them automatically into Roon.
Adding albums via Roon app does not automaticaly add them into my Qobuz app even though they are Qobuz albums.
This means I have a ton of Qobuz albums saved under Roon that do NOT show in my Qobuz app which is truly annoying.

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And to those who wonder why I want to bother with Qobuz when I have Roon, that is also explained.the RoonToGo would help I am sure.

Probably not a particularly helpful reply, but if I add a Qobuz album to my library, that album also appears under ‘My Qobuz’ in the Qobuz app. I guess it’s possible there’s a setting that needs tweaking in your setup, but I’ve always presumed it was an automatic two-way thing.


No it is most helpful indeed as if that is the case then it shows I am missing something as that is exactly what I would like to happen.
So the question is what setting am I missing?
And is it in Roon or Qobuz.

The two-way sync should be permanently enabled - there is no setting to turn it off. The only sync setting is to manually force a (two-way) sync to occur. (Roon Settings > Services > Edit Qobuz > “Sync Library Now”.

If it’s not working for you, I suggest you raise a Support case with the Support team over in the Support Forum (Click New Topic, and fill in the template).

I just tried a manual sync force but that did not work either.
All that shows in My Qobuz are the albums I added while actually in the Qobuz app.
Any that I have added while in Roon only shows in my Roon library.