Is Tidal in trouble?

(Nick Baker) #701

Is anyone else hear holding their breath waiting for Tidal to go bust, I seem to have been doing for about 2 years now, I wish they would hurry up as I am starting to go blue…


There is a very long thread that addresses this issue.

(Michael Fanning) #703

Just received a note from Amazon indicating that Tidal is now available on the Alexa platform. Seems to me that Amazon would not have inked the deal without some notion of the longevity of the platform. We shall see!

(iamoneagain) #704

Actually Tidal is the first to be using a new music skill introduced in Sept. It’s allows the vendors to become the default music app without Amazon’s help.

I’m not sure if this new skill would be something roon could take advantage of. They mentioned having issues in the past, so maybe this would resolve it.

At least Tidal adding this skill shows they continue to evolve.

(Tony Reimann) #705

But it only supports US English! Why they can’t support Australia/NZ English is beyond me.

(Alex) #706

And what about English English?:wink:

(Wim) #707

Not to forget Franglais … :grinning:

(Chris ) #708

The Queens English :joy:

(Alex) #709

Yeah, and that! :wink:


Another +ve sign for Tidal… still moving forward :-)…

(Andrew Cox) #711

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(Alex) #720

This thread is getting a bit off track.

(simon arnold) #721

This threads topic is pretty much pointless any way and is just for Tidal hate nothing more. It should really go as there is no real evidence of Tidal going away…

(A Welshman, currently exiled in Hampshire) #722

ROON without Tidal and an alternative such as Qobuz gets my lifetime membership. I dont need the awful junk it propels at me nor MQA.

(Christoph Longree) #723

Well - another year of bashing tidal and rumors about the collapse has passed and it’s still around and looks pretty fine for 2019… so get prepared for one more year of negativity & more rumors… :joy:

(Chris ) #724

Any streaming service will promote music for the youth… it’s their shop window and they have to build their business to also be able to provide all the back catalogue for the rest of us.

It’s is so easy to avoid that which one has no interest with Roon and I find it such a pleasure to be able to delve into the back catalogue of music I enjoy whilst looking for gems that passed me by.

(A Welshman, currently exiled in Hampshire) #725

I understand your perspective and I agree that beyond the initial fascia there is depth, howver, most men are visually driven and the initial impact does not cater for me personally.
I may be 53, but, I have a wide taste in music, just not for Tidals shop window.

(Christoph Longree) #726

Its very easy to avoid the shop windows by searching tidal through Roon directly… problem solved ;-)…

(Chris ) #727

If you go into a record store,(Remember them :joy:) there are racks and racks of no interest as we all have our own tastes, online is exactly the same, it sort of has to be that way.
Via Roon, you just don’t see it. I rarely go to Tidal via the app or web portal.
Whats new, in Roon once a week to look for things of interest.

(Brian) #728

Their recent (?) facelift is an improvement I think, with
Mixes for you… Because you listened to…, New releases for you…

At least the record store owner now recognises me.