Is Tidal in trouble?


I agree. The landing page in the mobile app is now customized to my tastes and, better yet, feels snappy and slick. The service keeps improving. Here’s to a great 2019 with Tidal.

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I was surprised the other day when launching Tidal app on my phone to find this new playlist recommendation for me. I was really taken aback to find that playlist contain “Watcher of the Skies,” a track by my favorite band of all time.

Hoping for Tidal’s survival AND growth in 2019.

(JohnV) #731

Those costs seem reasonable and necessary. I’m not sure what your point is. Anyone with access to capital (widely available) and a tolerance for very high levels of risk can capture all or part of this value chain. Or maybe not…

(Mark) #732

The point was pretty obvious, unless you were doing some cursory thread surfing and missed it - that the streaming revenues paid to artists aren’t so different to what they’ve been getting from labels purveying physical media since physical media was a thing.

(JohnV) #733

…and so? Are you suggesting a music tzar, or an international tribunal for determining the worth of a particular artist or song?

And no, that wasn’t your point. Your point was that the “music industry was f**king artists…”. Then you cite some random numbers and declare QED.

So, neither your point nor your argument was obvious. And, there are a LOT of reasons why artists continue to starve since time began. Not nearly all of it can be laid at the industry structure.

(Mark) #734

I’m not suggesting anything

OK mate, thanks for letting me know.

Someone give John a hug for Christmas.

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Okay okay so maybe I over-reacted a bit. Rant over. :slight_smile:

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Somebody said said “Apple has blown it in the music space”. Amen brother. My consumer hardware has been Apple-centric since the early 90s but their overtures in the commercial music space have blown chunks (and obliterated many a well-curated library to boot).

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Actually one of the iTunes updates erased my entire cd ripped libraries. Fortunately I keep copies on external hard drives

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Today is was announced that Norway’s National Authority for Investigation and Prosecution of Economic and Environmental Crime (Økokrim) has begun an official investigation into potential ‘fake streams’ at TIDAL:


From @Mario_Grech_Xerri -

(David Toole) #740

I note that some articles also say the investigation started last autumn (which presumably in that hemisphere would be September or October), so it’s really just a rehash of previous developments.


I want to buy roon lifetime but without tidal roon iwould be useless for me. qobuz is also a company which was on the edge of failing. thats a bummer…

(Steve) #742

This was exactly my thoughts and fears about this time last year but hey I went for lifetime membership and tidal is still around .


Well 1 year is not a lifetime. Hopefully there will be qobuz and spotify (only if hi res) on roon soon. Otherwise i wont subscribe to lifetime.

(simon arnold) #744

There will never be Spotify as they don’t do integration only connect. Roons SP is having streaming services and local files as one overall library, which you can’t do with Spotify as they don’t allow it. Hires on Spotify is a pipe dream.

(simon arnold) #745

If it’s true I bet they are not the only service up to it. Even Netflix has recently been accused.of massaging numbers. Not the same as it does not take money from other artists but it’s still playing the system.


Then just don’t, nobody really cares but you.
Anything posted about Tidal in this forum is purely based on speculations plus a whole lot of Tidal bashing from people who would like to see Qobuz integration or people who believe there is only hiphop available on Tidal. Don’t let yourself being scared away by this. Nothing is sure in this world. Tidal could fail, it could ive for another 20 years. Spotify might suddenly fail tomorrow after some scandal. Even Roon might vanish in a year from now, nobody knows. Just buy the damn license and never think about it again, what’s there to loose?

(Chris ) #747

Well said that man, you’re bang on the money!

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