Is Tidal in trouble?


I agree. The landing page in the mobile app is now customized to my tastes and, better yet, feels snappy and slick. The service keeps improving. Here’s to a great 2019 with Tidal.

(Edward Lee) #730

I was surprised the other day when launching Tidal app on my phone to find this new playlist recommendation for me. I was really taken aback to find that playlist contain “Watcher of the Skies,” a track by my favorite band of all time.

Hoping for Tidal’s survival AND growth in 2019.

(JohnV) #731

Those costs seem reasonable and necessary. I’m not sure what your point is. Anyone with access to capital (widely available) and a tolerance for very high levels of risk can capture all or part of this value chain. Or maybe not…

(Mark) #732

The point was pretty obvious, unless you were doing some cursory thread surfing and missed it - that the streaming revenues paid to artists aren’t so different to what they’ve been getting from labels purveying physical media since physical media was a thing.

(JohnV) #733

…and so? Are you suggesting a music tzar, or an international tribunal for determining the worth of a particular artist or song?

And no, that wasn’t your point. Your point was that the “music industry was f**king artists…”. Then you cite some random numbers and declare QED.

So, neither your point nor your argument was obvious. And, there are a LOT of reasons why artists continue to starve since time began. Not nearly all of it can be laid at the industry structure.

(Mark) #734

I’m not suggesting anything

OK mate, thanks for letting me know.

Someone give John a hug for Christmas.

(JohnV) #735

Okay okay so maybe I over-reacted a bit. Rant over. :slight_smile:

(Vince Deters) #736

Somebody said said “Apple has blown it in the music space”. Amen brother. My consumer hardware has been Apple-centric since the early 90s but their overtures in the commercial music space have blown chunks (and obliterated many a well-curated library to boot).

(Jimmytwotimes) #737

Actually one of the iTunes updates erased my entire cd ripped libraries. Fortunately I keep copies on external hard drives

(Marco) #738

Today is was announced that Norway’s National Authority for Investigation and Prosecution of Economic and Environmental Crime (Økokrim) has begun an official investigation into potential ‘fake streams’ at TIDAL:


From @Mario_Grech_Xerri -