ISO SACD Playback

Please anybody know how to make the Roon read and play SACD ISO files or I should have to install my old Windows server running JRIVER24 !!!

@support please any help on this?

You cant play the iso but you could use something like iso2dsd to convert the iso to files that can be played

Roon does not play SACD ISOs.

Hi @wilfredo_sanchez,

Please see our documentation on audio formats supported by Roon. As mentioned above you could convert these files to a format that is supported by Roon so that you can add them to your Roon library.

ok.but what softwares do you recommend to do that, ?? and I use roon server and roonbridge on dedicated machines using linux. Should I have to spend more money on another pc to accomplish that kind of staff…??? roon should be resolving these kind of staff at this time of audio quality evolution taking in consideration that Roon claims for ultimate and highend transport and audiophile player…unless I would like to know if should be implemented any time or we wiill always depend on 3rdt parties softwares to accomplish these common tasks,

You need to convert DSD ISOs to DSF files, which can be stereo and multichannel, if supported for the album at hand. You can use the ISO2DSD program here:
or the ISO2DSF program linked here: Converting SACD ISOs to DSF - Best Practice Then, Roon will play your DSD files. JCR

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At this time of audio evolution I would argue that ISOs are yesterday’s solution and high resolution streaming is the future. And roon does…

Yes: They’re your ISO files, so you should pay to convert them to a playable format. Considering how CPU-intensive the extraction of DSD data from an SACD ISO is, it’s of absolutely NO SURPRISE TO ANYONE that Roon doesn’t include this feature.

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ISO2DSD is free. Do uncompress the DST to DSF files. Check the tagging as ISO tags can be poor.

Yes, high resolution streaming is the future but no one is streaming multichannel today.

No one mentioned multi channel though :wink:

It’s on the ISO.

I think there’s a misconception here as to precisely what an ISO is. It’s a standard for creating files that represent the complete file system of a disc: that of a CD-A (“Red Book”), DVD, Blu-Ray, etc. This universally-recognized file can then be used to create other copies, bit-perfect, of the original disc.

It is NOT a media container format. It was not designed to exclusively contain audio or video data.

Not even a media server such as Plex is capable of reading the data from an ISO file.

That may be, but ISOs of SACDs can be dealt with and played by Audirvana.

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Switch on JRiver, import the iso, Convert to DSF import into Roon

Job done

Iso playback has been discussed here many times and is unlikely to happen for all the reasons above


I use Xrecode 3 for all conversion jobs. I recommend that software.

Audirvana is just a music player like iTunes or foobar2000, not a media streaming platform.

Of course. It was simply information for those who are trying to find someway to play the audio from an iso image without further operation. Personally, I’d be curious to know if there were other programs that do this. I don’t use windows anymore so I don’t know, for instance, if foobar 2000 plays them.

Audirvana allows you to stream Tidal, Qobuz and HRA (HighResAudio). Plus you can play local music (Nas or HDD). Audirvana uses the UPnP Protocol. I use it for streaming Qobuz, HRA and for ISO playback.
It has grown to a quite powerful software. Available for Mac and Windows. Priced around € 70.
I use it as often as Roon.

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And no-one’s streaming DSD yet either. Would be great if someone like offered this one day.