Issue with Casting Music to Third-Party Chromecast Devices (ref#NUO213)

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No playback when casting music in roon app to chromecast devices

Dear Roon support,

I am struggling to cast music to chromecast devices via roon. Google chromecast devices worked fine. But I can't get any music playback on third party, Linux-based chromecast certified devices.

From my understanding, casting to chromecast devices also utilize RAAT, and the chromecast web receiver app will retrieve a run-time script from before receiving content from my roon server to ensure flawless playback. So does that mean the roon will only work if the chromecast device is using the web (javascript) receiver app? Have you guys tested any third-party devices running other implementations of chromecast receiver?

Thank you!

Describe your network setup

I am using ubiquiti unify network solutions. It's a very reliable network setup.

I have several 3rd party Google Cast devices from Wiim, and JBL that work perfectly fine, I also have a full Ubiquity setup. Chromecast does not use RAAT, only Roon Ready or local USB connected devices use RAAT. It’ sends PCM via CC. I had issues once when trying to cast across VLAN to a secure iot VLAN I had a Chromecast dongle on. It would do the same if not all ports were configured correctly. You sure you’re not blocking multicast traffic in any way? Have you followed Ubiquities guide for setting up CC on a their network?

What are the devices your having issues with?

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I had a couple ones from Cambridge audio, Bluesound, and Wiim.

I was able to cast normally via a google chromecast dongle in the the same network. If I use airplay or DLNA via roon app, it works flawlessly. If I use chromecast in other apps like spotify or youtube music, it also works just fine.

Just as with Google’s Cast devices, the majority of the business logic is delivered to the device at run-time as a script.
Source: Roon Advanced Audio Transport RAAT (

I was under the impression that RAAT is somehow embedded via chromecast and has to be decoded with a run-time script. So I was suspecting the custom implementation of google cast 2.0 on these devices stopped supporting the script, thereby making them unable to decode the stream. Hopefully someone from roon labs will be able to clear this up for me.

my Wiim runs fine.

You probably have a WiiM pro/pro plus. I can’t discuss exactly what model I have, but it’s running Google cast 2.0, not the old one. I had no luck with wiim’s support so I figured guys at Roon labs would probably know it better.

Is that because it isn’t out yet and it’s a sexy new device :scream_cat::pray:

I can neither comfirm nor deny, but sounds like you know what’s coming up! I wouldn’t call it sexy but having a display in the front is pretty cool.

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So if this is an as-yet unreleased device, it’s unlikely that Support will be able to help you. Instead, I would contact the manufacturer of the device and state that there is an issue with using it with Roon…

Thanks for the help! I was mostly looking for a confirmation or clarification that roon via chromecast requires loading a script from

@brian replied in the thread linked above that this is how it works. So far, I have zero luck with any device running google cast 2.0, and I assume the reason is that google cast 2.0 is moving away from the webpage based receiver app so it wouldn’t load the script anymore. So I thought the question is better addressed to Roon. At the very least, I would know which company I should submit a feature request to.

How do you know they are Google Cast 2? This has been around a number of years so I am surprised this has not come up before if it is indeed the issue as I am sure other users would have devices that don’t work with Roon. I would imagine all the Wiims would have the latest version why have one product on a different support path? None of these as are old devices and I would imagine GC2 would be more advantageous to them to minimise the memory used as CC is known to be a memory hog and v2.0 was created to mitigate it on lower specced devices. But stranger things have happened with Google I guess. Only support I guess can answer fully.

Google used to do all the development on chromecast receiver. Now they only provide the core and each manufacturer has to implement their own cast 2.0 receiver app.

WiiM would definitely love to stick with the old, stable version. It might be bulky, but it works.

With this upcoming device (and also other recent devices I purchased), they must implement google cast 2.0 to get certified. I’m not sure if the older devices will eventually get upgraded to 2.0, but it will likely take a while for them to sort out the problems first. WiiM refers to their implementation of cast 2.0 as cast-lite, apparently, if you have been following their new product.

Roon over chromecast is kind of a unique scenario, and none of the 2.0 devices currently works. That’s why I have been reaching out to manufacturers and Roon labs here. Being an early adopter means dealing with this kind of issues more often than you think. But there is a ton of satisfaction contributing and pushing to make things better.

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Hi @Chloris77,

Thank you for your message. We’ve passed your concern with Chromecast 2 implementation to our Product and Partner teams. However, from our records, your Community account isn’t associated with any current or previous Roon license. If you’re participating in a Roon dealer or partner network program, then please reach out through our dealer or partner support channels.

Based on your geographic location, the device most likely can’t resolve the upstream web address for Chromecast due to security restrictions. If you post in Tinkering or Audio Gear Talk, there are likely users in a similar position who can assist you.