Issue with latest Update on My MacMini core

Ever since I did the latest upgrade on my Mac Mini (Yesterday) I cant get the Roon Core to launch (ignore/retry/report dialog box).

It’s a 2010 MacMini 2.4 ghz Intel core duo
Version 10.9.5
8gb Ram
120 Gb SSD

External storage:
Several external FireWire / usb drives from 4-8TB

gigabit fiber router -> Ethernet > Ethernet hub > Mac mini (Oppo BDP; Sony 4K TV and Apple TV share the hub

Sonos (wireless)
Ayre QB9DSD (usb from Mac mini)
Some iPhones and iPad (wireless)
Guest room TV (wireless)


After the update my Roon core won’t launch:(. I’ve tried rebooting several times and same behavior. I’m dead in the water for things to try now.

Please let me know what things I can try to address this. Or whatever additional info you need to help troubleshoot.


Hi @Jefferson_Douglas,

Please see my post about Mac OS 10.9 here:

So are you saying I’m screwed? Shouldn’t there have been some kind of release notes to warn me NOT to install the update?!?

How am I supposed to proceed? Am I basically being abandoned now? Even if I buy a nucleus or build another core solution; how can I do a proper migration if I can’t launch the software? How do I go back to the previous version?

Hi @Jefferson_Douglas – We are looking into options here, but the quickest solution, if possible, is to update the version of Mac OS that you are running on your machine. After doing so it should work for you.

Do you have any backups from before the update? If so, you can restore that backup on another machine and continue using Roon elsewhere.

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Do you have another computer in the house? You could install Roon on it and do a restore from your backup device. Then, decide how to proceed from there, but at least you would be back in business.

I’m actually in the middle of researching whether to build a ROOK or buy a Nucleus plus. I was doing regular back ups so thise should be available. I knew my computer was long in the tooth but since I was within the minimum hardware specs I wasn’t expecting this issue. I’ll try to update the Mac OS but it had been previously optimized as a Music Server so I’m not sure how that will affect the reinstall.

I suspect this 10.9 problem was a surprise to Roon also, IDK. You can’t go wrong with a Nucleus if you don’t want to fool with the DIY aspect of a NUC with ROCK. That should work well also.

This message is primarily for support (and you may want me to start a new thread).

After attempting to update my MacMini to IOS 10, it now wont stay booted :confused: And is essentially a boat anchor (Apple Tech is telling me a bad logic board). I can probably repurposed the 120 GB SSD in another machine butyhe ram is not going to travel.

As I see it here are my options:

  1. Purchase a used 2014 mac Mini from my tech for $400
  2. Purchase a newer mac mini (Possibly a new one for $800 (but I’d need to buy another SSD)
  3. Build a ROOK and move away from the mac Mini server paradirm (not sure how I’ll migrate Itunes stuff from a dead mac mini though (although most data and */idl files are backed u on hardrives.
  4. Purchase a nucleus (Most expensive option and i’m not sure how elegant the migration will be).
  5. I really want to go aheaad and build about a 50 TB Raid 5 or better NAS at the seame time. I want to to migrate from (4 seperate drives of 4, 6, and 8 TB to one large NAS)…

Obviously I’ve backed my self into a corner by using a 2010 mac mini for my core. Now I want to try an recover with the most straight forward and direct option possible. I know just enough to be dangerous and was hoping to spend < 1K on a NUC solution in the short term that can work with my existing (firewire 800 / USB3 drives). Otherwise I’m open for all suggestions.


Tear the Mini down and remove the drives, the data is still there whether or not the machine boots.

Sorry to hear that happened, @Jefferson_Douglas!

Any of the options you mentioned above could work for you, there are definitely considerations for each one. I’d recommend posting over in #roon — We have many users with a variety of setups that can definitely give you some opinions on what does and doesn’t work for them.

If you have any specific questions about any option please let us know!

All I’ve been waiting for a month since my tech has been struggling to get my old SSD to work in the 2014 Mac Mini. I finally bought a discounted 1.5 TB drive to add to the 2014 Mac mini im also buying.

I have my roon database Library file backed up on an external. Once I get the new machine with new SSD I’ll try to get everything working on the new Mac OS10.

I guess I’m looking for the most straight forward way to get Roon back to The way it was. Should I first verify Itunes is working ok? Or just go straight to Roon and tell it where the back up is? A lot of my Roon playlists started as apple playlists. If Roon now has its own versions of those playlists now I should be ok.

Any other considerations?

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