Issue with playback stopping Corrupt file error when transcoding [Ticket In]

I’ve put in two requests to support and waited hours and never got a confirmation. Hopefully this isn’t a duplicate. It may make more sense to post here as I’m on Early Access.

I’ve been running into an issue with ARC on Android 14 that I’ve previously reported in a different support thread. Intermittent corrupt file error when playing local files on ARC resolved by force stopping & clearing app cache (ref#KLHFKH) - #8

Randomly music will stop playing and I’ll get a corrupt media error. I’ve found that if I disable transcoding the file plays just fine.

The last time this happened was 5PM or so on 4/29 with the song Mountainside by Protest the Hero.

I’m not sure what to do, I’m restoring my Roon database from a backup just to see if maybe there is some corruption. Beyond that I wonder if this is a bug, as I know my media isn’t corrupt as when I switch the playback quality from Bandwidth Optimized to Original Format the file plays.

Hi @mackid1993! Is this constantly reproducible on your device when playing “Mountainside by Protest the Hero”? You can try redownloading corrupted albums/playlists in Bandwidth Optimized quality, this might help.

These are streaming files. Not downloads.

@oleh If I download the album in bandwidth optimized it plays, if I stream it I always get corrupt media on this one song.

@mackid1993 Thanks for clarifying. We’ll try to reproduce it.

I can provide the file if it helps.

@oleh If I switch from Bandwidth Optimized to Balanced the issue seems to go away. There may be a bug with the encoder for Bandwidth Optimized. This also happened a while ago with the George Harrison song Marwa Blues from Brainwashed. And the album Country Life by Roxy Music reported here: Intermittent corrupt file error when playing local files on ARC resolved by force stopping & clearing app cache (ref#KLHFKH)

I switched to balanced and on a different song. Now I just keep getting unexpected playback error. I switched to the Qobuz version and at least I can listen now. There seems to be something going on with the transcoding.

@oleh To test I migrated Roon temporarily from Docker to my Windows VM. The issue still occurs.

I’ve also replaced the entire album with a fresh copy from the same source and the issue still persists with the same song. I’ve changed ARC to CD quality for now to see if that helps as a workaround.

@oleh Setting the transcoding to CD Quality or Original Quality fixes the corrupted media error. It seems that the issue when when transcoding on the fly to Opus as downloads work just fine.

Moreover, I also have been getting poor connection errors and unexpected playback errors. Not just corrupt media. I can reproduce 100% of the time so if you want to turn on debug logging I can repro and give you a timestamp OR provide you with a known file that causes it.

Hey David!
When an error occurs, from which streaming service is the album playing? Qobuz or Tidal?

This is happening with my local files. LIke I said it only happens when Roon tries to transcode them. It’s random files it happens on but I have one that I can provide you that will always do it.

Could you please share these files with us to test on our side?

I just sent you a DM with a link.

@andrew.v I just want to add that I played this entire album, local files on my stereo in my house in the regular Roon app with no issue. It only has an issue with ARC when it isn’t playing in the original format.

@andrew.v More testing, I tested on a fresh roon database with only this band imported into Roon and the same issue occurred. So it’s not an issue with my database at all.

I also have a spare iPhone lying around, this happens there too.

Hey, @mackid1993, thank you for providing files, a ticket for the dev team was created.



Thank you. I’m glad it wasn’t something in my setup that was broken!

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