Issue with Tidal playlist synchronization in Roon after update (ref#1073DU) [Roon Investigating]

Thanks for the updates, @Kentaga_Kartadinata what is your current status?

In case you missed my previous response:

If you’d like to more your Roon installation within the scope of support, we’d be happy to help. I’d suggest creating a fresh thread in this situation.

I have had the same frustrating problems since May.
Most of the time, synchronization with tidal doesn’t work at all. Then there are one or two days when it works and then it doesn’t work again for weeks.

Could you please be so kind to inform me, wich kind of VPN you have installed?

Thank you very much for your assistance.

Hi Michael, any luck? I only installed a free VPN briefly to test. At that time I was having problems with Tidal syncing.Since then I have reinstalled Roon from a backup and all is now working as it should. Not really sure what actually fixed the issue ,though people don’t seem to be posting any longer regarding this problem which leads me to think that it’s been sorted.

Sorry, I couldn’t respond any sooner. It looks like the issue is still there. It was working for some time but now the issue is back. I’ve updated to the latest early release and that didn’t fix the issue.


Well, sorry about the previous update. It looks sync process just took a while to complete, it looks like it’s working now


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