Issues Restoring Roon Backups


Sorry to say, but I learned the hard way that Roon Back-up (in my instance) is not reliable.

I’m replacing my Antipodes DS Server for a new Antipodes CORE Server and as such needed to use either of my NAS (DS41J & DS916+) or Mac Mini in the meantime to set-up a new Roon Core.

Unfortunately when doing the restore from my Roon back-up it had lost all of my Playlists, Bookmarks, History, Metadata edits, etc. (tried this on both NAS & Mac Mini, but same outcome). I know about having to re-set the location of my Music Folder for the new Roon Core (which I did), but that just creates a new database, again without previous Playlist, Bookmarks, etc.

I’ve raised a ticket with Roon support (7th Feb), but after nearly 5 weeks still have no resolution (they tend to get back to me once per week saying thanks for your patience, but we’re still having our tech’s looking into it).

The only saving grace is that I did my own back-up of the Roon Server folder before sending my DS Server back to Antipodes, and after re-loading this into the new Roon Core all my Playlists, Bookmarks, History, Metadata Edits, etc. have been restored.

I’m not on here as a Roon basher (I’m a lifetime member so have faith in Roon - generally), but just want to warn people not to rely on Roon Back-up; do your own back-up as a contingency back-up.



I am probably going to change my gear soon so thanks for the heads up

Can you - or other users - tell me where/how this folder is stored on an iMac? I’d like to do the same. Better safe than sorry…

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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I am sure @brian, @danny and @mike will want to look into this. Not trusting one of the most important features of Roon is a bad thing. Data base backup must be foolproof, even more than today. Luckily @Celts88 had a backup outside of Roon that saved him from having to re-do everything, but this should not be necessary.

Roon Knowledge Base Datebase Location.

I have had my share of difficulties with Roon backup and I got myself into a bad fix (again) today due to some new complixities introduced on my new NAS (snapshots) and lost not just favourites but also over 50 playlists which had taken ages to compile (see for details Favorites frustration). However, I used Roon’s restore and so far it looks as if it worked really well: my favourites are back and so are my playlists. What a relief.


Hey @Celts88 – first off, you have our apologies for the trouble here, and for how long it’s taken to get this worked out for you. I know the Support team has been tracking this issue closely, and they asked me to check in with you last week. My attention has been pulled in a few different directions since then, and I did not have a chance to read over everything and get back to you. This was going to be a PM, but anyway…

Looking this all over it’s clear the issue dragged on for too long, and I’m going to sit down with the team tomorrow to make sure we understand how this could’ve been resolved in a more timely manner.

That said, I want to be clear about a few points.

First off, we’ve never seen Roon’s backup feature fail as you’re describing here, across tens of thousands of installations. If we had reason to believe Roon backups weren’t safely and consistently preserving people’s databases, our development and QA resources would be 100% focused on reproducing, resolving, and releasing a fix as soon as possible.

In the first weeks of February, we actually did have another report similar to yours – an apparently-successful restore that failed to actually restore the user’s information. Two reports like this is absolutely cause for alarm and we took a close look at these reports in February. After working with the other customer and receiving an upload of their backup, we were able to confirm that archive was not actually corrupt in any way. With that information in hand, the issue was subsequently traced to a bad hard drive in the machine the customer was restoring to.

Like any backup feature, this functionality is designed to enable a backup strategy – they allow you automatically make periodic copies of your database, but they don’t preclude hardware problems, external factors tampering with the archive, or corruption in the database that predates the creation of the backups. These examples probably don’t apply here and they’re all quite rare, but they illustrate causes that don’t have anything to do with the backup functionality itself. As always, we recommend backing up regularly, and to multiple locations if possible.

There are also a few minor bugs related to our backup feature that we are currently working on right now. None of these bugs can cause corruption of backups and they’re primarily annoyances, like issues deleting older individual “snapshots”. I mention unrelated issues to draw a distinction between bugs that affect the experience of using Backups, and major issue like you’re suggesting may be afoot here, which would cause corruption and data loss.

Others seeing this thread may make assumptions about backing up, so I really need to be clear that we are not currently aware of any major issues with our backup feature. There are a number of possible causes for what you’ve described, including the environmental causes I mentioned above. Unfortunately, it’s hard to make definitive statements about the environment in which the backup was created since I believe you no longer have access to that system.

We would also know more about the status of the backup archive if we had a chance to run diagnostics on it. I understand these archives can sometimes be 10 or 20 gb, but looking back I can see that the copy we received from you in mid-February was missing the bulk of the actual backup data (with the “objects” folder removed), This makes it impossible for our team to give you definitive answers about the integrity of the archive, which is how we resolved the other February report I mentioned.

I understand (and share) your frustration about how long it’s taken to get things square for you here. At the same time, people use our Backup functionality every day to migrate to new Core devices, and I personally depend on it to preserve thousands of edits, tags, playlists, plays, etc.

Clearly something went wrong here but there’s more we need to understand about this report. For now, nothing I’ve seen points to a more serious issue. As such, suggesting that people shouldn’t rely on Roon Backups is premature. I’ve edited the name of the thread to reflect that, and we’ll be in touch soon with next steps. Thanks @Celts88.


Thanks a lot for your detailed information and for clarifying this, Mike.


Appreciate you’re above reply, but it appears (to myself) that your suggesting it’s partly my fault the issue hasn’t been resolved.

Over 3 weeks ago I advised Support that my backup folder was 35Gb and I couldn’t upload all files to my Dropbox due to the size and would not be sending the ‘Objects Folder’. Also 2 weeks ago I again let Support know I had only transfered some of the files due to excess folder size (35Gb).

In the other example you linked to, Support replied 12 times within a 4 week window, and that was with the user being away for 10 days. I’ve been available for the whole 5 weeks and support have replied to me 6 times, and the last time was 10 days ago - silence until I made the issue known on the open forum yesterday.

I understand you won’t like my tone of reply above, but I think 5 weeks of waiting with nothing having progressed from my end, and now being advised the delays was partly due to myself not sending all the back-up files even though I informed support 3 weeks ago I had only sent some files (no ‘Objects Folder’).

I appreciate software is extremely complicated, and with the multitude of different configurations users have there’s going to be unknowns that can happen. I’m not blaming Roon for my backup issues (I’m a lifetime member so do have faith in Roon), but am disappointed in the apparent lack of progress with my issue and extremely limited correspondence from Support.

In regards to Back-up restore function being ok “across ten of thousands of installations”, how would people know their back-up was ok until they need to do a restore. Not suggesting there’s thousands of users out there with the same issue as myself, but unless these users actually do a restore no one would know if they’re issue free. I had no indication of any problem with my back-up’s and I carried out a regular back-up every 4 days without any error messages. It was only after restoring to a new Roon core that my issue became evident. Again, I’m not saying there’s thousand of user back-up’s with issues, but there is a potential possibly that I’m not the only one with the issue.


Maybe the backup routine should have a “test” function that simulate a restore and do checking to validate that a restore would be fully functional? This would be much better than discovering a faulty restore when you really need it.

I use SyncBack (SE) for backup and mirroring on Windows. SyncBack has a ‘Simulate’ mode where everything in a specific profile is executed apart from the actual file copying. I see a full report of what would be done. Also, any connection issues will show in this dialogue (particularly helpful if I use a network path via cifs or smb for src or dst).


Not my intention. I read the conversation and you were clear about what you were sending. I was just pointing out that there was important information that we didn’t have here, which may have slowed things down. I’m looking into why we didn’t figure out a way for you to get us that archive. Also, in the other example I linked to we were in regular contact with the user over private messages, so I think you may be making some assumptions about how often we spoke with that user.

Again, I share your frustration about how long it’s taken to get things squared away for you, but for the moment I don’t think there’s enough information here yet to make more generalized statements about backup specifically, or support generally.

We’ve had many, many users migrating to new Cores over the last 10 months since ROCK was released, and again over the last few weeks since Nucleus started shipping. Is it possible there’s an ellusive bug here, or some way this functionality can improve? It’s absolutely possible, but if there were more widespread issues beyond the minor ones I mentioned above, trust me – I would know :wink:

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So you were in contact with the other user more than was shown in the thread you linked to, makes my 6 contacts in 5 weeks worse :disappointed_relieved:

I appreciate my issue with back-up restore would be a “minor one” for the Roon team in the grand scheme of things, but for myself I essentially had lost all of my back-up info (favourites, bookmarks, history, internet radio stations, metadata changes, etc.). It was only due to myself having carried out my own back-up of the Roon database that I managed to restore my missing info, but not via Roon back-up restore - that process had lost all of my previous data :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved:

Not trying to get into any argument, and my putting this thread on to the open forum was partly out of frustration, but also a genuine concern that there may be others who could have potential issues with their back-up’s, which may be unknown to them.

I’ve a lot of respect for what Roon has and continues to do with your software, and am not a Roon basher (I paid for lifetime membership 18 months ago, so even back then I had faith in what Roon was achieving and the future to come).

Probably best to take this thread offline if you feel best, but I really did have some good intentions in mentioning to the community of potential issues with back-up (there’s a lot more whinging going on within other threads on the forum, and that’s even from people who only have trial Roon membership).


I think I’ve been clear that we should’ve dealt with this in a more timely way @Celts88 – I only gave you the background on the other issue to make it clear that this was outside the norm for our team.


This is the opposite of what I said above:

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Ok Mike whatever

Also believe @ogs suggestion above was a good one, as it stands at present no way to tell if back-up is ok until having to use, then too late if there are issues.


Can we stop with the pouting, please. I don’t know what else you expect from the guys at Roon. They said they screwed up. They are STILL trying to find the problem. They have apologized.

If you had lost your back-up 5 weeks ago and had to start from scratch again would you feel happy.

I’ve wrote plenty about how I think Roon do a great job, and also said to Mike if he wanted to take my issue offline.

The reason for this thread is that this issue may not be isolated, so just putting it out there for others to decide if they need additional back-up just in case. I suppose next time I shouldn’t bother about anyone else then?

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I think this brings into focus that any backup mechanism that one has in place should be tested periodically to ensure that one it works and is able to indeed rescue a total system data loss and two that the process is understood so that when needed it’s not a scramble to achieve.

I think it’s great that Roon has such a built in capability and warns that the backups have not been setup or have failed to be done. Failure to test the backups effectiveness is no fault of Roon. Maybe a dry run simulation would be a good idea as a future feature, but in reality only a real recovery to another machine be the unlitmate test.

I would add that this applies not just to Roon but any and all data you have, be it music, photos, home movies, personal databases of recipes or home inventory…the list is endless. It might be as simple as a printed copy for some things or digital copies stored at a family members or in the cloud or whatever…TEST IT otherwise there is no point to have it. And if its really important then make several backups to different media and store in different locations.

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I fully agree with you on importance of testing your own backups (I do), but I don’t believe roon cannot test it’s own backup by itself. How difficult is it for roon to read and validate a reading of it’s own scheduled backup? If you meant the end user must perform all testing himself, you must be joking.
If roon’s own backup functionality is to be trusted, it must be able to alert user if the automated backup cannot be restored. I had automated backup fail on me during trial, and that was one feature that did not inspire confidence in roon.

I didn’t say it couldn’t be done in Roon…just that its not currently a feature/option that exists. I didn’t imply either that the user must test each backup but at least they should check from time to time that it does indeed work and there is no issue - just the same as you would for your music backups (we all do those too right?) Again the actual testing of a real live restore is something that the user has to confirm works for his setup - even if its just to a lesser machine - we are only talking about 10’s of GB’s not terabytes of data for the Roon database after all.

That said who is to say that Roon doesn’t validate / verify their backup. maybe its destined for the road map