Favorites frustration

Over the last month or so I have been diligently marking favorites tracks as such only to find this morning that none of it seems to have stuck. My favorites list only some 12 tracks 11 of which I added almost a month ago and one which I added a few minutes ago. None of the tracks added in the intervening time show up. How is this possible? Could I have accidentally “reset” (i.e. delete) all favorites? If so why are the oldest added favorites still there?

PS. It goes without saying that I have not changed libraries in the last month nor have I changed profiles (the one other user we have has no favorites at all).

PSS: I went to one of my playlists, clicked on the favorite heart. It darkened. Went back to Tracks listing and clicked on favorites. It wasn’t there. To make matters worse, the one favorite I added earlier this morning and which had shown up before was now also gone. Is this expected behaviour?

Of course not, it should work and it normally does so something sounds amiss in this case. Just as a sanity check, can you try rebooting the Roon Core and report back.

If that does not help, @support will have to follow this up with you … they will require more specific details of your Roon setup … see I’m having a problem with Roon.

Thanks. Will do and I’ll let you know.

I restarted and no favorites. Even worse, all my playlists which took hours and hours to enter are now virtually empty. I had to empty my library due to an oversight on my part (new Synology NAS which now uses #snapshots which had also been enabled for the music folder without putting #snapshots in the list of exceptions with the result that Roon started “looping”, i.e. importing “new” files based on the snapshot links; I went from just over 40,000 to almost 300,000 tracks) and after it imported my music again there were still no favorites, in fact now they have all gone, and the playlists are almost empty (one or two have a single track). Is there a way of saving playlists externally so this type of disaster can never happen again?

I guess I’ll try a restore now, perhaps that will bring back my playlists. That reminds me … can I actually restore a backup without reinstalling Roon from scratch?

Pfew … I restored a library from a few days ago and my 51 playlists are back and low and behold, so are all favourites except those added in the last few days.

Hi @Luke23 ----- Thank you for the report and the insight, sorry to hear of the troubles.

It sounds like the backup restored has stabilized things, but I waned to touch base with you to see how your Roon setup has been holding up since your previous post.

Looking forward to your feedback!

As I noted the playlists are back and most of the favourites too, but I am still having problems making favourites stick. I have now twice added new ones and some of these do not show in the favourites (track) list, but when I search for them they show up marked as favourites. weird.

UPDATE: Ok, I found it in the favourites list but no thanks to Roon. The list is sorted by default according to Album Artists. Yet the performing artist I was looking for is not mentioned there, only the orchestra is. The artist only appears after you enable Artist as well.

The good news is that favourites appear to be saved normally again.

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