Issues with ARC after DB restore

Roon Core Machine

Mainly a Win 11 headless server with 32Gb RAM, 250Gb Samsung NVMe and 10Tb WD Red running Roon Server. (Intel Core i5-11400)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Both servers hard wired, a mixture of WLAN and hard wired Pi’s. Asus AX58 router.

Connected Audio Devices

Both USB from Core, WLAN from router to Altair G1, hard wired via unmanaged switches

Number of Tracks in Library

around 180K tracks local, ca 300 albums on Qobuz

Description of Issue

My friend asked me today why his ARC app wouldn’t connect on his iPhone.
I decided to compare by starting my own ARC app (on WLAN), but i cannot connect to my Core either?
I have previously seen that going into Settings-Roon ARC on my Core helps.

Everything is fine there, but ARC on the phone still says my Core was last seen 5days ago? (i used it on a remote WLAN at that time)

Something wrong with regional servers?

Or is this related to my dabbling with backup/restore and reinstall as required by @benjamin in this support thread:

We obviously need to wait for more reports, but Roon ARC is working fine here in the Netherlands…

Thanks Geoff, but i figured this out.
A reinstall + restore fecks up your ARC clients…
I reset the ARC client and re-initialized it, and things were up running again.
It seems there are some further som identification mechanisms at work here, more than the user id and Core serial number…

Has your internal ip address changed & it’s also worth checking the previous port forwarding rules have not been affected by recent activities. An internal ip change could cause problems if used as part of the rule setup.

Nope, not the issue. Some form of re-init of the ARC client was needed. As stated, my Core was fine connecting to the cloud ARC servers and back again.
However, the ARC client couldn’t make a match to the running Core

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OK, i had a problem with ARC playing for around 10 minutes (4G) and then the app would crash then no longer connect until back on the Wifi at home.
After a brief investigation I found that the IP address had changed from it’s static address. I couldn’t figure out why it was even working for 10 minutes, and while not proven, I think it was the router allowing limited access as Rule configuration used the Device name linked to the ip address rather than just the ip. After correcting this everything worked properly again.

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Now that’s a bit odd, but still seems plausible.
My Core has a reserved lease from my router though. My public IP changes all the time though, as i suppose it does for most people. I assume that’s why Roon Core “phones home” regularly, to acknowledge where it can be found, and on what port…

Sorry, i omitted to mention it was the internal, LAN, ip that changed. It caused a few headaches at first as it hadn’t been deliberately changed for a few years. :roll_eyes:

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