Issues with Organized Folders

Hi, my entire collection (about 4500 albums) located on my NAS has been screwed up by Roon…How come you couldn’t just index the collection ? How come Roon is destructive…hopefully I got a back-up…very not impressed by your software…

Read the instructions !!!

While technically correct, there are better (and friendlier) ways of explaining this…

There’s a difference between ‘Watched’ and ‘Organized’ folders when adding music folders or shares to Roon. In a Watched folder, Roon does not change files or folders – it’s 100% non-destructive. When adding an Organized folder, Roon will rename files and move them around.

For neatly stored and curated collections, a Watched folder is preferable, as Roon will make no changes to your structure. Messy collections can benefit from the housekeeping Roon performs in Organized folders.

Basically, the Storage pane in the Settings menu explains it all:

What you say is not right.
I just imported my Sooloos collection into a watched folder and roon changed many albums with different cover art, descriptions, labels, etc. Example: My Pink Floyd Wish You Were There set is now Discover, including the album art for all except one of the discs (I have no idea what “Discover” is). Another: my Philips Complete Mozart Edition (180 cds, broken into their individual volumes with accurate cover art) is completely bastardized. I sure there are many more but its only been a few days with roon and I’m really trying to be patient but…

Yes it is. :smile:

When using a Watched folder, Roon reads the files and matches them with its own metadata databases. The results are stored in you local Roon database; the files themselves are untouched.

Depending on your collection, mis- or less than perfect matches can exist. You can edit these yourself, ask Roon to re-identity specific albums or even revert to the raw metatags in your files and ignore Roon’s metadata.

In all cases however, data is stored and manipulated in the local Roon database – your files will remain untouched.

OK I see the distinction here… just wish roon brought them over as is and then give the option to have them matched with the roon database later and individually. Really not up to editing hundreds of albums that I already edited.

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This thread convinces me that there’s a serious need for a getting started/ beginners guide for new users, with a very big caveat on the download page to read the guide first or cry in their teacups later if they choose not to.

This is especially the case for organized folders - perhaps users should have to confirm they’re sure they want to use organized folders and get a pop up explaining its going to rearrange their storage as part of the confirmation process.

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Fully agreed – I believe it is being worked on.

Early bird users kind of grew with the program and new functionality, while these forums were far less crowded. For new users it can be a bit overwhelming, methinks.

Destructive operations (organized folders mainly) can benefit from a stronger wording (partly in red) and an extra confirmation won’t hurt.

Thanks for the answer…but you should put a warning message telling that using that selection will re-index your entire collection and that will take some times…considering the price for this software that`s a minimum…now I got restore a 2TB back-up…very not impressed…by the design…

The message is right there … In the screenshot above. Could it be highlighted to reduce the risk of a new users overlooking it, sure.

Thanks…My Computer background comes from the post-production world…and the rule is never change or altered the original assets…if you want to do so, you must created a copy.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding, but this is what I’m seeing when I try to set up an Organized Folder:

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Heh. There’s the stronger wording AND it’s partly in red. Oh well…

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It should mention clearly that all the media will be affected and changed…not sure if the interface is regionalized but the message should be properly translated. And bottom line Roon should never altered the media on an external source as external drive or NAS…

I don’t know how that warning could be any clearer. There comes a time when a user has to accept responsibility for their actions/ choices. It would seem to me this is one of those times.

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Not sure we need to go any further down the road of legislation for the lowest common denominator. After all is has ended us up with health and safety in charge of everything in the world and a distinct and growing inability for people to make decision and then take responsibility if and when they make a mistake.

Expecting your files to be moved and reorganized is one thing. Having the music misidentified and renamed to something completely different is not what you would expect. The XX - Coexist mapped and renamed over The Beatles White Album for example. Just ran into that one again, I found more lost albums in there (and other strange places) before.