Issues With Roon And Moon Mind 2

After upgrading the firmware of the Moon Mind 2 module to v2.01 it begin to skip FLAC and MQA files when upsampling to dsd 256 . Roon show for about one second the message that lose contact with MOON . And after that begin playing the remaining FLAC our MQA files, it skips about 2 or 3 files.


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In order for Roon’s @support team to better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

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Support ???

@outlaw, I can confirm this behavior and it appears to be an issue in the new MiND firmware as 2.00 did not exhibit this issue.

Have you contacted Simaudio (either directly or via your dealer)?

This issue happened with firmware 2.0 also.I have had issues going back to May of last year.Been in contact with SimAudio.

Interesting as I was not able to replicate the behavior with v2.00 but was able to do so with 2.01 without any issues. Regardless, the issue here is that part of the code that operates the MiND module is crashing and causing the Roon endpoint code to become unresponsive. This is completely outside of our control and will have to be resolved by SimAudio. We will obviously support them as needed, but they are going to have to take the lead on isolating and correcting this issue.

I’m starting to lose my patience with Moon.Again today wanted to use Roon with the mind and had to power cycle because sounded like a pop corn maker.When I sent them a a email about issues like noted above in previous comments they ask me what my router and switches and computer I use.Other people are having same issue.

Hi @Outlaw ,

We are reaching out to Moon regarding this behavior as well.

For the record @AMP and @noris, @Outlaw is experiencing (and conflating) two bugs. We have tickets open to try to resolve both independently.
The skipping issue was reported by one other user prior to @Outlaw, and no one since. It is therefore considered a minor issue. We replicated the behavior in v2.01 with a mixed Roon queue of DSD and PCM.
The noise issue mentioned in his last message was considered a major issue as it was reported by more than 10 users in 2021. It was practically resolved in v2.01. One beta tester who used to experience the issue several times a day reported it occurred once in three weeks with the new firmware. Also, a member of our R&D team replicated the issue once, but only when sending RAAT over a strained network. Since its release, only @Outlaw has continued to experience the issue. We are trying to work with him to resolve it. Unfortunately, he has been uncooperative and refuses to help us understand his particular circumstances.
@Outlaw, I understand that you are frustrated and that this has been a long struggle. Please don’t give up on the process and answer our questions. Our short-term goal is to help you understand what is causing these issues. Our long-term goal is to improve the MiND 2 for our thousands of satisfied users. Thank you.

I have not been uncooperative and do not appreciate this comment.I have answered every question you have sent me by email.I have been responding to Benard Poulin.He keeps bringing up HQPlayer.I have responded several times that Roon and HQPlayer work fine through USB.The issues are with Roon and the Mind 2 streamer.

Yes @Outlaw, Bernard has asked very specific questions about the way you use HQPlayer because you say it works. We must understand what is different about the way you send audio to that device from the way you use the MiND 2.
Please reply to our email at your earliest convenience. Thanks.

When I use Hqplayer I have Roon Rock on a intel nuc…Have HQplayer on another PC.Finally have HQPlayer NAA on a intel nuc hooked to Moon 280D through usb.All 3 pc hooked to same unifi switch which is connected directly to Unifi Dream Machine.Roon Rock is 1st which sends music to HQPlayer then on to NAA Pc.No issues

@Outlaw, that doesn’t answer our question.
Established: With the MiND2, you use the Roon Core to convert all your audio to DSD256 before sending it across the network to the MiND2, and this causes a popping noise.
Established: You send audio over the network to devices running HQPlayer, which do not exhibit this behaviour.
Question: When using the HQPlayer, do you perform the same conversion to DSD256 in the Roon Core or is this conversion performed in the HQPlayer?

When using HQPlayer to do conversion to dsd 256 use HQPlayer for conversion.

Hi Eric,

I reported the popping noise to Simaudio support on February of 2021, I didn’t reported to ROON because it isn’t a ROON issue, it happens with Mind2 APP also. I’ve testing and is an Mind2 board issue because if I connect a computer to one of the digital input of the Moon 390 works perfectly. Since 2021 I notice that if I don’t use the Mind2 APP the pooping noise happens very rare. Until now I couldn’t find what triggers this behaviour.

Concerning the problem of skipping and stopping it happens when the next file is PCM or MQA after playing an DSD file. I’ve already open a case with Simaudio and I have send some logs and the information asked.
Now, as a workaround, I’m converting everything to DSD 256 without any issues, the drawback is that I can’t use the MQA decoder on the Moon 390. I couldn’t see this behaviour when working with Moon Mind2 APP.

Best regards
José Pinto

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Same issues as described by Jose Pinto before. Moon 390 (mind2) latest firmware. I cannot believe that this cannot be solved by simaudio. Combined playlist of dsd and pcm = mission impossible

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