Issues with scroll not keeping its place [Fixed in Roon 1.8 (Build 806)]

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This seems to be a problem a few users are having.

Even on the latest update, Roon is failing to remember the location of the scroll when browsing albums. For example, In the heavy metal genre, I have close to 3000 albums. I scroll down to 2/3 down to Tesla. I then click back, and it takes me to the top of the list, all the way to AC/DC.

This is a major annoyance in terms of having to constantly scroll to re-find my place.

The problem has been clearly demonstrated here - Roon failing to keep scroll position - YouTube

I urge Roon to fix this problem ASAP as it’s really standing in the way of user experience.

Thank you.


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It’s not happening here on two setups I have:

  • Windows 10 client + ROCK Core
  • Android 10 remote + ROCK Core
  • Windows 10 client + Windows 10 Core

These are with two Focus criteria selected and set to “NOT” (as per your video)

What is the setup that you have? And does it happen with any Focus criteria and states?

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I don’t work for Roon Labs - I’m just another customer. But thanks for listing your setup - it would seem that this is not an issue for Windows clients, but is for Mac clients? So presumably that will help the Support team in addressing the issue.

I’m a Windows user and have exactly the same problem, so it’s certainly not MAC exclusive.


No, it happens on windows as well, as reported in the feedback thread.Roon 1.8 (build 778) Feedback - #65 by BergeP


In which case there’s something else going on, and will be tricky to diagnose, since it presumably isn’t affecting all of Roon’s 250,000 users…

Of course, it won’t affect everyone, but it deserves a rapid fix nevertheless.

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Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Intel NUC i5 - Version 1.0 (build 227) stable

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Wired connection to Asus RT AC88U

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Moon 280D to Mcintosh MA9000, Aries Mini to Active Speakers, iPhone 11Pro to Audioquest Dragonfly,

Description Of Issue

I tried to organize my albums and playlists in tags. Within on tag, for example “Hard Rock” I have 50 albums and 3 playlists.

Issue with Roon Core 1.8 (build 764) on Macbook Pro (2018) Roon Version 1.8 (build 764): Everytime when I try to go back from a chosen album (as an example ZZ-Top) within my tag list I always backdrop to the beginnig of the list to albums with the letter A. I have to look hard for the album again by scrolling back to where I have been before. This also happend to me when clicking on an album within genres.

Issue with Roon Core 1.8 (build 778) on Macbook Pro (2018) Roon Version 1.8 (build 778): Now the situation is even worse: When I try to go back from a chosen album (as an example ZZ-Top) within my tag list Roon software itself freezes and my Macbook shows a rainbow colored spinning ball insted of the cursor. I have to stop the programm manually with macbooks activity monitor and start again. Until now tis only happens within Tags not within genres.

In addition to that Roon on my iPhone now crashes regulary.

With all due understanding: As an end users we pay a lot of money for the Roon software and the neceassary hardware for it. Since Roon 1.8 I have the impression that we serve as beta testers. One problem is solved, two more will do on. As a paying customer, I can expect a working software. Roon is basically a great thing but it can hardly be used sensibly lately.

In this sense I urge technical support to finaly get to grips with the known problems!

Dear Roon team. FU! I’ve been waiting for a fix for the scroll position for over a month an a half. It is absolutely critical because I cannot use Roon with it. You promised to fix it in the latest update but it’s not fixed. I’m done with Roon. This is insane! You guys are useless and don’t understand priorities. Effing start rating and a bunch of filters are not gonna ruin the experience so much like scrolling hundreds of albums and going back just to be pushed on top of the list. I don’t even know where I was, how I’m I supposed to go back? This should have been fixed immediately not 6 weeks after 1.8. I’m sorry, but we don’t see eye to eye and this is goodbye from my. The last 6 weeks have been a hell. I’m not paying for this. I’ve added a video so you can see your great software skills. I’m on 778. Roon failing to keep scroll position - YouTube


It’s keeping scroll position on my setup now. So something is clearly different between our two setups.

Do you have any sorting enabled? Try sorting by date.

It’s working fine for my sorting by date.

Then I don’t know what to say. It’s not working for me and I can’t use Roon like this.

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It’s sems to be the active focus.

Looks like you’re on a Mac Dusty?

Ok, you gave me an idea. I enabled and disabled the filters just by pressing on them (in the case of youtube video I posted, qobuz library and tidal), basically switching between include and exclude and guess what? It now works. So there seems to be some kind of caching going on which the Roon team didn’t take into account. Now, the problem is that I have a lot of bookmarks that use filters and I have to go through all of them and enable and disable all the filters just to make sure my bookmarks (and scroll position) work. Geez! Thanks Roon!


And for those that are on the same boat as me, even if your bookmark doesn’t have any filters applied just apply one and remove it so it can use the new scroll position. If you don’t it will still go back to the top.

Sadly, when switching between bookmarks (after going through all of them and enabling and disabling the filters) I still get pushed to the top of the list. The scroll position IS NOT FIXED.