iTunes Library on external drive won't import

I’ve followed the instructions to set up iTunes import from a non-standard location.

  1. Confirmed that iTunes is installed

  2. Confirmed that iTunes is sharing XML file

  3. Confirmed that iTunes XML is being updated

  4. Created symlink with administrator command line

  5. Confirmed that Roon is not importing iTunes library

I’m completely stumped as to why this isn’t working…
I’m on a Windows 10 Home machine (build 10586.164), 64 bit, running:
Roon Core 1.1. (Build 102)

Thanks, Quinn

Photo evidence:





Hey @Quinn_DuPont – we’ve recently added the ability to specify alternate iTunes locations, and we’ll be releasing that functionality with our next update.

I can look into this further, but my recommendation right now would be to set up a watched folder pointed at your files directly, and if iTunes is important to you (for playlists, for example), try again when Roon 1.2 goes live soon.

Let me know if you’d like me to look into this further, and sorry for the trouble @Quinn_DuPont!

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Thanks @mike! I look forward to version 1.2.